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Computer Renaissance Storefront

Computer Renaissance….. Write Down That Name, It’ll Be Worth Your While

| Sande Caplin |

In a time when stores are closing down, and store-keepers are moving out of their strip malls by the tens, it’s nice that Cortez Plaza seems to have new businesses sprouting up, and some that have weathered the recession. One such store (it’s in between Pet Smart and Burlington Coat Factory) is Computer Renaissance, at 4405 14th St. West. I went in to see Mike De Giovanni, the manager and main-stay at the store, and decided to find out more.

Hailing from Sharon Springs in upstate New York, Michael arrived in Sarasota with his wife and child 8 years ago. Talk about serendipity, he walked by the shop 4 years ago, saw a “for hire” sign and went in and spoke to the Owner of Computer Renaissance. An hour and a half later he was hired, because Michael is the kind of reliable, helpful, open and honest guy you WANT to be running your store.

Computer Renaissance InteriorLet me say first that Computer Renaissance looks like a small store but they swear by their competitive prices on new, used, refurbished and custom-made, computers, computer systems, parts, and supplies. Michael calls it “aggressive pricing”. Besides great prices, Computer Renaissance offers help and tech support on the phone, or you can bring your equipment in or schedule Michael to come to your home. Lest I forget, Michael can also give you remote service…he can actually work in tandem with you online, to walk you through things and make changes. That will mean neither of you will have to leave phone or office.

I asked Michael what the biggest problem people have with their computers. He told me that the viruses are winning the war against the anti-viruses. It’s an absolutely menacing problem these days. No matter how many anti-virus programs you run, your computer is still in jeopardy, constantly.

These days you have to offer something important to your customers to get them to be loyal, and have them return, time after time. Michael prides himself on being honest and upfront, not trying to sell anything that isn’t needed, and always being respectful to his customers. There’s another Computer Renaissance store in Winterhaven, and the same fine service is available there.

Computer Renaissance TechniciansBeing that it’s harder and harder to have your local stores beat the prices of the bigger companies, like Staples and Office Depot, you might miss the opportunity to try a “neighborhood store” and a Manager who will give you great customer service at great prices. Write it down…Computer Renaissance in Cortez Plaza. More importantly, remember the name Michael De Giovanni…he is definitely the go-to guy for friendly, honest service, and skilled workmanship. Oh, yes, and he says that he proudly sells products made in the U.S.A.!

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