CallStar employees with Easter Baskets

CallStar Telephone Answering Service Here to Help on the Suncoast

In 1983 Cindy and Tom Baur started CallStar in Sarasota at 40 South Pineapple Ave to serve mostly doctors in Sarasota. In 1993 their growth was solid throughout the Tampa Bay area, so they moved their call center to St Petersburg to be closer to high speed telecom and they are now one of their industry’s most advanced medical call centers.

Serving the entire Tampa Bay area including Sarasota and Bradenton, Call Star is a 24/7/365 days a year telephone answering service.For 15 years straight they have earned the coveted Association of Teleservices International’s Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service.

To serve the medical community they designed a custom Interactive Voice Response system to route calls intelligently and their special on/call system keeps track of hundreds of doctors on/call profiles and selects the proper doctor quickly. CallStar is HIPAA compliant and offers custom encrypted messaging to their healthcare clients.

Now working remotely

Normally answering services are packed with operators working close together in cubicles. Two years ago, CallStar decided to work towards having all of their operators working remotely from home. They finished the project in January 2020. Now all 22 of their operators work in their jammies from the comfort and safety of their home.

Specializing in doctors’ offices

They answer for all professions, but their specialty is medical. Their operators answer the phones for doctors’ offices after they have closed for the day. Lately, because of the Coronavirus, the doctors’ offices are closing early and sending their calls to CallStar .

At any time, an operator might get a STAT call from ICU with a patient coding, or a distraught patient’s family seeking info on their loved one. Or, maybe the operator will get a funeral home call from a patient making the sad arrangements.

Special Easter Baskets delivered to employees.
Special Easter Baskets delivered to employees.

The phone lines have been very busy so, to show their appreciation, their admin staff delivered special Easter Baskets to every remote telephone operator to personally thank them for their hard work. Inside the basket were many goodies. Especially some paper towels and toilet paper!

Tel. 727 497-3001

Photos from CallStar.

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