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Jason Huh and Jessica Smith

Building Elite Beauties & Beasts

| Sande Caplin |

Our vision was born in 2008 with the opening of Elite Nutrition and Smoothie located in beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida. Our mission was to apply our love and knowledge of fitness by providing a business in our hometown where people could come for all their nutrition and supplement needs. As we continued to compete and focus on our personal goals, we grew into a Sarasota staple for local competitors. Our walls are now covered with trophies and photos of some of our top protégées. By spreading our knowledge to clients and fellow enthusiasts alike, we also became Sarasota’s fitness headquarters. Elite Fitness has become a family of success stories. We strive to share our passion with people all over the world who have the desire to become the Elite.  
Elite Fitness maintains a unique approach to achieving any goal level in fitness. We seek to create an experience and build character as each individual embarks on their journey to their new and improved self. We offer health and wellness guidance, as well as weight loss plans for those with any vision, big or small. We also provide contest preparation for bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilders on all levels.  Jessica and Jason combine their knowledge and unique dynamic as a power team to guide you through your preparation.
It is our collective goal to not only help you achieve your personal goal, but to also create a memorable journey that will make you become stronger both mentally and physically. It is not always the first place trophy that one remembers, but the courageous steps that have led you to it.

For all general inquiries about our programs and how to join, please visit the programs section on our website Jason Huh and Jessica Smith look forward to hearing from you!

Elite Fitness

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