The El Melvin building

“Bienvenido (Welcome) to the El Melvin”

The El Melvin Inspiration…“Your Story is What You Make it”

The El Melvin story is a story of inspiration and aspirations; it is a story that embodies the adage,” If you think you can, you will.”

Melvin Mitchell was a man of faith …He kept his word.
Melvin was a man of family …He loved his wife, Dorothy, and his family.
Melvin was a man of community …He was a servant leader with integrity and believed your story is what you make it.

Mel often encouraged many people in different ways, and he would suggest that sometimes a person needs to test their faith by stepping out of their comfort zone and upon certain circumstances taking on measured risk to advance their vision and the common good.

A legacy of faith

And so, it is, we all have a story, each one of us embodies a story. “El Melvin,” is a legacy of faith and a tribute from his grandson, Mitchell, and his childhood friend, Matthew, to aspire to continuing the values of faith, encouragement, diversity, and leadership.

“El Melvin” Cocina Mexicana and the new leadership will write many stories — from old traditions to new visions; from the history of the restaurant to numerous modern guest improvements, inspired by Mexican food and spirit’s traditions, and led by a diverse, servant minded staff and their aspirations. Thank you for being part of our story, we hope you may find “El Melvin” in yours.

Many thanks to Jeffrey for a great story and to Mitch Matt for bringing El Melvin to Sarasota!

The El Melvin …“New Vision, Old Tradition” …“Your Story is What You Make It”

Located at 1355 Main Street in Beautiful Downtown Sarasota
Call us at (941) 366-1618

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Photo from Christine Baer.

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El Melvin, Sarasota Downtown Enrichment Association

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