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Bich Mai Massage Therapy

Bich Mai Massage Therapy

| Sande Caplin |

There are many massage therapists in Sarasota and, but if you don’t have a word-of-mouth referral, the responsible and safe direction to take would be to get a recommendation from your family doctor. It is so important that you understand who you are going to see, what modes of massage therapy they use, their location, office hours and reputation. The plus is that now massage therapy is often paid for by many insurance companies, so the brunt of payments is removed from your financial burden.

As the medical field begins to recognize the benefits of massage therapy, one thing is evident: you must discuss with your family physician or specialist what kind of therapy you’ll be receiving before you embark on this journey. A qualified, licensed massage therapist will completely cover your medical history to determine what modes of therapy will benefit you and where on your body the pain and discomfort are. In rare cases, where extreme medical problems exist, your therapist will recommend not engaging in this type of therapy, as massage might worsen some conditions. For most people, though, massage therapy is an extremely crucial element of their total wellness regimen.



Bich Mai Saunders

Bich Mai Saunders a local Sarasota, Florida licensed massage therapist who has been in business for over 25 years in the Sarasota area, has a wonderful reputation for taking it slow and not inflicting unnecessary pain on her clients. She believes the body will tell her how to proceed and has experience in many modes of massage therapy. She also has emergency appointments available and will try to satisfy a weekend appointment request when you might be having a serious problem. But do make an appointment to get together with Bich Mai in her Sarasota office in advance of any emergency so she will have your complete medical history to utilize as she gives you her healing expertise.

For more information about massage therapy and Bich Mai Saunders visit this massage therapy website.

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