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Barre3 on Main Street, Lakewood Ranch, Good for the Body and Soul Celebrating 7 Years

| Sheri Nadelman |

Recently I spent the early part of my Saturday morning literally working out on Lakewood Ranch Main Street with a substantial-sized crowd of athletic apparel-wearing women, our yoga mats and water bottles in tow.  We were celebrating the 7-year anniversary of the Barre3 studio which has become a staple of the ever-growing retail hub in Lakewood Ranch.

What is Barre3 you ask?  Co-founded in Portland, Oregon by Sadie Lincoln, Barre3 is a core-focused, full-body exercise program with an emphasis on positivity.  Now franchised all over the world, each studio provides an inviting and welcoming environment open to everyone, yes men too, regardless of age, body type, or level of exercise capability.

Co-owners Beth Woods and Paulina Manning opened the Barre3 Lakewood Ranch Studio in 2015 and created a wonderful place that has proven to be not just good for the body, but good for the soul.  I have incorporated Barre3 into my workout regimen ever since I was introduced to it over 6 years ago.

This anniversary celebration represented so much more than a community exercise street party.  Let me tell you why.

During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the studio was forced to temporarily shut its doors during the lockdown.  Many businesses were left devastated.  Barre3 was able to remain in business by providing online classes that were both live and recorded.  While navigating the challenges of live streaming, which proved to be awkward at first, the instructors literally became virtual rock stars.  I can speak on behalf of the clients when I say kudos to the entire Barre3 community for providing these classes and persevering through such unchartered territory.  One thing was certain and that is we were all grateful to have stayed connected, motivated, and encouraged!

In November 2019, before the pandemic hit the fan (so to speak), Paulina and Beth made the difficult decision that it was time for them to shift their focus.  They sold the business to one of its members, Nikki Roenicke.  Nikki had no prior business experience, just a strong desire to keep her happy place open.  As someone who has forged countless friendships and has logged over 1700 recorded in-studio classes, this OG (original gansta or in my case old girl) couldn’t be more grateful!


As the new face of LWR Barre3, Nikki checks all the boxes.  Smart, kind, hardworking and of course athletic, the stunning Sarasota native is married to former MLB player Josh Roenicke.  She made the decision to buy the studio while visiting Josh who was playing overseas in Taiwan at the time.  They were in the process of selling a home and moving to another.  If that wasn’t enough, she found out she was pregnant with baby number four!  Talk about a full plate – or should I say full count?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).  With the help of Paulina and Beth during the transition (both women still teach classes), Nikki vowed to do her best and as she puts it “figure it out” along the way.  

I have witnessed Nikki’s metamorphosis from a somewhat shy girl taking classes into a full-fledged fearless girl-boss.  She is a role model who is proud to represent small business female entrepreneurs.  She is honored to also represent one of only a few biracial business owners in the Barre3 franchise network.

Nikki credits her deep faith in God for setting her on this path and the never-ending support of her close-knit family for keeping her grounded.  Nikki has certainly hit it out of the park (again, couldn’t resist) as she juggles her busy life with confidence and grace yet claims to still be figuring it out.  But then, aren’t we all?

Located at 8141 Main Street Lakewood Ranch, Barre3 offers membership perks, childcare, a wide selection of retail and fun member events.

For more information, contact the studio via email at or call (941) 800-1333

Visit their website.

Photos provided by Sheri Nadelman

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