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Axe Throwing in Sarasota County?

Axe Throwing in Sarasota County?

| Laura Bell Adams |

We have all been there. You wake up late for an early morning meeting, and now must deal with a child whose sense of urgency just does not match yours.

The car needs gas, the kids need a teacher gift and you already need a break at the 9:00 AM mark. The day proceeds with a series of near misses as coffee spills, forgotten lunchbox, and neglected to-do list nag at your desire to always be in control. You cannot believe that today, of all days, you are asked to work late. You know that before you even get home you have to pick up groceries and what else?? Oh yes! Do not forget to pick up the children from the bus. That would be bad.


It is on days like this that you wish you had an outlet for your frustration, something that isn’t going to poison your body or inhibit your ability to drive an automobile. You still have people you are accountable for, those you must protect, shelter, and feed. You need to get your angst out in an expedient manner so you can get back to the business of parenting and being a responsible adult. If only you had an axe that you could hurl at a target. Doesn’t chucking all your “stuff” with all the might you can muster at a bullseye sound better than keeping it in? Let it go at The Axe Haus in North Port.

The Axe Haus in North Port, FLAccording to USA Today, axe throwing is one of the “top experiences” for 2020. Locations are popping up all over the country, and people everywhere are extolling the virtues of whipping an axe with dagger like precision at a target several feet away. The Axe Haus in North Port opened last Friday to rave reviews from the community. Some of the comments included, “I was blown away,” and “great place for something different.” Owners, Kevin and Jessica Rouse, created the business with a foundation of “safety first” so, rest-assured, all precautions have been taken to make sure the throwers and onlookers remain safe. The Axe Haus in North Port is the only entertainment venue of this type within a 30-mile radius. It gives residents of all ages something different to consider for their next girl’s night or birthday celebration. With adherence to “World Axe Throwing League” regulations, participants are assured of a safe and exhilarating experience.

Lanes at The Axe Haus in North Port, FLSo, who should show up at The Axe Haus to rid themselves of unhelpful aggressions? Or, what if you just want to do something cool and you’re not necessarily worked up about anything? The answer is all of you! According to the principals at The Axe Haus, “Teachers always get $5 off, so do first responders, nurses, dispatchers, students, and seniors with proper ID.” Normal prices run $25 a person for 90 minutes in a lane. The Axe Haus is located at 7040 Sumter Crossing Drive in North Port. For more information, including hours of operation and upcoming specials, please visit their Facebook page. 


Photos courtesy of The Axe Haus Facebook page.

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