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At The Suncoast Post, thousands of articles and informational updates are posted yearly for our readers consumption.  You never really know which articles will not only resonate with people but compel them to comment with some positive tidbit about said article.  We write about popular bands, famous events, top chefs, world-famous beaches, and spectacular local venues.  So, we were a bit bemused when we discovered that the article, “Gourmet Gas Station Food—It’s a Thing in Port Charlotte” became such a hit. Dozens of shares, comments, and a couple thousand likes later, people are craving more of the tea we have spilled about Super Day Express Food Store. 

Super Day

If you missed the original article, click here Gourmet Gas Station Food: It is a Real Thing in Port Charlotte, FL – The Suncoast Post to catch up.  Some of the comments included this one from Ann:  “I had the jaw drop also, food delicious, very good cheesecake,” or this from Irma, “Best cheesecake in Florida!”  Sandra added, “My go to place for lunch!”  The story of Super Day Express is not just about cheesecake, by any means.  It is a story of generations old recipes, achieving the American dream, and a quirky mom-and-pop type place with yes, the best damn cheesecake, ever.

John Plakiotis, owner of Super Day Express has been working in the family business since 1996.   His father immigrated to the United States from Greece in the early 1960’s.  Imprinted on his dad’s heart and mind were dozens of family recipes that he learned to cook and loved to eat as a child.   It was a natural transition for his father to begin working in the restaurant industry, where he was able to share his love of people, food, and timeless recipes in small diners to 250-seat restaurants.  It was in these very restaurants that John grew up, working alongside his father, learning the recipes and values it takes to excel.  John was working as a pastry chef at the tender age of fifteen.  When the family moved to Florida, they opened Super Day Express as a welcoming place where local anglers could get their gas and supplies needed for a day on the water, including a hot and tasty meal. 

Super Day

That motto of simple, tasty food with efficient and friendly service has built Super Day Express into one of those places that the locals love to visit daily.  It is also a place that tourists visit first on their way to their hotel, condo, or for a day out on the water where picking up a Super Day pizza is the only way to go.  And, like me, it is often found via word-of-mouth from unexpected visitors who pull in to fill up the gas tank, and leave with chicken parmigiana, a hearty hoagie, and of course, a beautiful cheesecake.

Today, John steers the family helm at Super Day Express much as his father did.  He credits his core team of chefs, bakers, and employees for the store’s success, particularly during these trying times when extra employees are hard to come by.  He is proud of the fact all of their menu items are prepared onsite.  And those menu items?  Seafood, ribs, chicken, subs, strombolis, homemade rolls and fresh veggies and fruits used throughout are the norm.  They are still using those old recipes his father brought with him from Greece all of those years ago.  He says of their extensive menu the cheesecakes are probably the fanciest items they sell, and also their best-seller, along with those homemade pizzas.

Super Day

As they say, “if you know, then you know.”  And if you don’t know, head on down to Super Day Express Food Store, located at 1595 S. McCall Road.  Try to leave without a cheesecake.  We dare you.  For more information on gourmet gas station food and where to get it, please visit Convenience Store | Port Charlotte, FL – SUPER DAY EXPRESS

Photos courtesy of Super Day Express Facebook page & website.

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