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Aeronaut Upholstery Solutions

AeroNaut Has it All Sewn Up!

| Sande Caplin |

As boaters love their boats, as do pilots love their planes, and drivers love their cars. When they need work done on their prized possessions, whether it be re-upholstering, redesigning or just fixing a small area, those in the know take their crafts to AeroNaut Upholstery Solutions.  AeroNaut has a proven track record in the local upholstery business, and word-of-mouth has spread that great reputation all through Manatee and Sarasota Counties and into other areas of Florida.

The central players at AeroNaut are Justin Nichols, whose mother began the business 30 years ago, and his brother-in-law Jeff Schluter.  The founder, Gayle Harrison, first started the business to have a career where she could make enough money to support her family, and from there the kids grew up learning and knowing the business like the backs of their hands.  It’s incredible that AeroNaut Upholstery Solutions NEVER HAD TO ADVERTISE!!

This family-owned and operated business is blessed to not have experienced any setbacks due to the present economy.  They specialize in Marine and Aircraft interiors and upholstery, from simple boats to yachts and planes.  The detailed work is completed by Gayle and her son Justin and son-in-law Jeff Schluter, who together produce a finished product that is a skilled artisan result every time!

When you have your prized yacht, antique automobile, or expensive airplane, you want only the finest of materials used to enhance the inside areas and you are guaranteed that AeroNaut uses the top quality materials available, including Leathers, Vinyl, Carpet, Textiles and Canvas.  It’s so easy dealing with this company.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and they can come to your location, bring your craft to their location, or anywhere you prefer the job to take place.  Their own facility is a guaranteed to be 100% safe for your craft, but AeroNaut also has a remote service truck that can travel to the location of your choice.  Not only do you get a superlative upholstery job but it’s accomplished around your complete convenience.Justin Nichols

The guys at AeroNaut like to say they can handle your boat from stem to stern and get the job done in the amount of time proposed when you book their services. You have their promise that they never let schedules sacrifice quality or workmanship.  You also should know that no job is considered too small, just as no job is too big, so whether you have a yacht or a fishing boat, a small plane or a Leer Jet, their expertise will only enhance your boat or plane.  They guarantee it!
AeroNaut was previously called Touch and Sew Interiors but changed their name and appointed Justin Nichols to head up Customer Service and Marketing, and Jeff Schluter oversees Operations and Project Management.  Giving you great customer service with a diligent work ethic, you can tell the staff at AeroNaut love what they do and take great pride in doing so.  Call them today at 941-615-7162 or ask around…most boat, plane and automobile owners wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for their upholstery or reconditioning needs.  Visit their website.

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