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A message from The Darwin Brewing Team in Bradenton, Florida⠀

A message from The Darwin Brewing Team in Bradenton, Florida⠀

| Laura Bell Adams |

From the Darwin Brewery Facebook Page- On behalf of all our employees, I wanted to thank you for reaching out to us to ask about how we’re doing, and how we’re coping with the crisis at hand.⠀

We’ve had to make some extremely difficult decisions in the last week, and for the first time had to make staffing reductions in order to adapt our business to this new landscape. We’ve invested so much in our employees, as they have in us, and we’re absolutely gutted to have to say goodbye to some of them. We will work tirelessly to protect our business so that we can bring back as many folks as quickly as possible.⠀



We’re also sad not to be able to see our friends, family, and other guests visit our Tasting Room every day to share smiles, laughs, and life with us. One day soon, we will welcome you back to our living room again and share a toast to good health and resilience.⠀

Many of you have reached out and asked how you can help. We thank you for that. ⠀

We have production staff coming in every day to be able to give you the best possible beer experience during your time at home (yes, you need to stay home!). So, when you go do your weekly grocery store run, stock up on Darwin beer. The more beer you can buy, the more you support the complete supply chain: grocers, wholesalers, truckers, packagers, brewers, farmers, and material suppliers. This goes for other local craft breweries as well. The whole craft brewing business is under tremendous stress, so when you go to the store, buy local, buy quality, and help keep your favorite brands alive and get their people back to work during this challenging time.⠀

Additionally, we have a great online store that is fully stocked with beers that may be harder to find at your local grocer. Go online, and buy some beer, merchandise, or a gift card.

Some of you have friends and family who work in the medical field and are in the trenches battling every day. These people have difficult days coming, and we want to express our gratitude to them. Please stay home for them, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. This is a time for collective action, bigger thinking, and lots of love.⠀

We’re really grateful for all of the support we’ve received from all of you during this challenging time. We are working hard making sure you have a little bit of joy at the end of your long days of home care, homeschooling, working from home, or anything else you may be doing right now.⠀

Be safe, take care, stay home, and cheers.

Darwin Brewing Company and Taproom
803 17 Ave W
Bradenton, Florida 34205
(941) 747-1970

Photo from Darwin Brewing Facebook Page

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