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3 Reasons You’re Losing Business Without Even Realizing It

3 Reasons You’re Losing Business Without Even Realizing It

| Molly Slicker |

We live in a digital world. Gone are the days of flipping through a phonebook in hopes of finding a business and hearing about things from word-of-mouth is quickly becoming checking online reviews. It doesn’t matter if you think your business has nothing to do with the virtual world, it does because your consumers do.

Effective websites are no longer considered an accessory- they’re a necessity.

According to LSA’s (Local Search Association) April 2017 report, “The Digital Consumer Study,” that examined digital media use in 12 US cities, 63% of consumers use websites to find or engage with businesses.

Research by YP and LSA found that, on average, consumers use approximately three sources before making an individual purchase decision. And 30 percent automatically strike a business from consideration if they don’t have a website.

Here are 3 imperative things that could be losing you business… before even interacting with any customers.

 Search Engine Optimization

1.  They Can’t Find You

Whether a potential customer is casting out a search for “wedding photography” “Margherita pizza” or “pest control”, or searching for your specific business name – you can’t gain that customer if you don’t show up. 

If your website doesn’t exist, you’re taking yourself out of the game before the clock even starts. Or maybe your website exists… but it’s sitting the bench somewhere on page 75 of a Google Search. Utilizing strategies like Search Engine Optimization puts you in the starting line-up.

2.  They Found You, And It’s Not Pretty

If you’re website doesn’t match your brand, it gives viewers a sense of inconsistency. Studies show that you have 3 seconds to hook a new visitor to your site before they exit out and look elsewhere. That means, you have to immediately wow them. If your imagery is stale and boring, they’re prone to pass. If it’s overwhelming and too flashy, they don’t connect.

Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. Clearly, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website isn’t an added plus, it’s a requirement.

3. They Stopped Listening

Maybe you think your content is okay. It’s an “About” page and your business hasn’t changed so you think it’s fine. Well, your business may not have changed much in the last 20, 10 or even 5 years but… consumers have. Attention spans are shorter, terminology has changed, and outdated content on your site is much more obvious than you think.

Having effective wording on your website with a clear call-to-action is an irreplaceable asset to your business. Refreshing your site’s visuals and content so that you are speaking to potential customers in concise, engaging, and clear ways is an absolute game-changer and is a simple way to gain new business.

It’s safe to say, your website matters. If your website doesn’t exist, or it does but it’s outdated, it could be losing you business even before you’ve finished reading this sentence. But don’t let that stress you out, help is available. The team at Sande Caplin & Associates are experts in the field. With a helpful team of web-developers, designers, and communicators, they’ve made it their mission to create the all-around best websites to help you gain peace of mind, and way more business.

Having a visually stunning, mobile-friendly, functional, and effective website is the first and best marketing tool for your business- big or small. If you’re ready to increase engagement and interactions online, gain customers, and grow your business in a really simple and necessary way, give the crew at Sande Caplin & Associates a call at 941.347.4500

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