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You SUCK If You Don’t Tip Your Server

| Sande Caplin |

Well, that got your attention!   Yes, I feel very strongly about this topic.  I have lots of restaurant clients and try to frequent these establishments.  I enjoy the comradery of hanging out in places where everybody knows your name.  Unfortunately, I see situations that make me sad and angry…..folks enjoying dinner and drinks and then stiffing the servers.  Yes, they don’t leave a tip or leave a substandard tip.

A majority of servers work very hard and give excellent service.  They are students trying to earn extra money to live and possibly pay college tuition, moms and dads trying to earn extra funds to pay bills and others who do it full time and do their best to make a nice living.

The hourly wage for servers is under $5.00 per hour.  Obviously, the majority of their money is made through tips.  Recently, I saw a few situations where the server was “stiffed.”  A couple of examples…..  I watched a couple who paid their $40.00 bill at the restaurant and did not tip the server.  I followed them out into the parking lot and asked them if there was something wrong with the service?  They said “it took 30 minutes for the food to come out of the kitchen.”  I said “that is not the servers fault.  She makes her money on tips.”  The gentleman thought about if for a minute, reached into his wallet, went back into the restaurant and handed the server a $10.00 bill….nice.

Another instance was a person who was at the bar for several hours, ate dinner and had a couple of drinks.  He also walked out without leaving a tip.  The server walked outside and said “did I do something wrong”?  He said, “no, I just don’t have any more money to leave you a tip.”  My thoughts…… WELL THEN DON’T GO OUT TO EAT OR HANG OUT AT THE BAR if you can’t leave a tip.

Please….share this article on Facebook and other social media.  While it is a very small minority who don’t tip, leave substandard tips or don’t treat the server with respect, it does take place.  These folks are nice people, trying to earn a living to support themselves or their families.  Personally, at least a 20% tip works well.

Your comments are welcome.

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