Where Have I Been? Emerson Point Preserve

photo credit, Jeanie Bunt Donohue

What a great place to commune with nature!  Walking along this path I can hear the waves gently roll on my right and see fabulous Florida flora all around me. At this time of the day (about 4pm) and on this day (Tuesday) there is NOBODY around! Talk about peaceful, yes sir! I can hear gulls and hawks singing their songs and critters rustling in the underbrush chasing whatever they chase. Fabulous!

This is Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto. It doesn’t take long to get there and it’s such a treat when you do! There are many trails you could take. You could spend 15 minutes or a few hours checking out the place. There’s a trail right on the sand and water and even a trail that teaches about the original inhabitants of the area. If you have a dog there are areas in this park to let it run like it wants to.

You can find Emerson Reserve on Facebook. Go yourself or bring a favorite friend……that’s what I do!

Go explore!!!

State Park, Palmetto, Florida

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Emerson Point Preserve

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