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Boy with strips drawn on him

What’s It Like to be a Kid in Quarantine?

| Tobias C. |

The Suncoast Post thought our readers would like to know what it’s like to be a kid in quarantine. We asked the grand kids and here’s their story!

My name is Tobias!

Well, I am not quite 4! My 4th birthday is May 30th in case you are interested in sending me a present! It’s just a reminder to my best friend in Cortez, Florida, Bob Slicker!! He is always mailing me something cool to my home in Brooklyn, NY.

I have 2 brothers, Jonah and Simon. My parents, Yael and Bryan are really cool, but sometimes I think they get mad at me although they really don’t show it. Well, sometimes they do! I mean come on, I have barely been out of the house in 6 weeks and it’s not easy for a 4 year old to be stuck in the house.

We moved to a bigger house before all of this bad stuff happened so now I have so many more rooms to mess up. Here are a few things that have gone on during the quarantine that I hope will make you laugh!

Tobias Tiger

So, the photo on the top is me. I asked my mom, “Can I be a tiger?” and she said, “Of course!” So, I went into my room and found some permanent markers. Well, it’s been about a week and I guess I will be a tiger for some time to come! When my mom and dad saw the artwork on my body they just smiled and scratched their head! They actually said I did a pretty good job!

Juice boxes are great during the day. My mom seems to be getting annoyed that she is finding empty ones (and sometimes half-full) in between the cushions on the couches. I am blaming that on my brothers.

Kids Party!

The other morning when my dad woke up I heard him say something like, “the house looks like we had a party last night.” Well, it wasn’t last night. My brothers and I had a bit of a pillow fight early this morning.

Our backyard

Not many houses in Brooklyn have a backyard. The other day my parents kind of had enough of my screaming all over the house so they put me in the backyard. It’s completely fenced in so no one can get in or out without going through the house. I found it kind of fun while I was running around that they were throwing snacks and scraps of food out on the lawn for me to eat. They let me scream outside as much as I want. (It was really a bag of chips and a juice box!)


Simon and Jonah
Simon and Jonah

My 2 older brothers are really cool. I know that they are better behaved than me. Well, they are older! Jonah will be 11 in June and Simon will be 9 in July. He has the same birthday as my cousin Shea and Poppy’s girlfriend, Laura. They just look at me a lot and shake their heads. I must say that it is pretty cool to have them home.

Home schooling.

Well, again, I am 4! So, my pre-school is closed. But I can count to 100, I know the alphabet and I am learning how to spell. And, yes I am a NY Jets, Mets and Islanders fan like my dad and Poppy!

So, it is pretty crazy here. I asked Dad if we could get a dog? He said, “no.” I don’t understand why. A little dog poop and pee mixed in with the toys, puzzles, books, food crumbs, hockey sticks, I-Pads, footballs, baseballs, hockey pucks, tennis rackets and baseball gloves would fit in just fine in our house. My mom keeps the house really clean! She waits for us to go to bed to do her cleaning and then it starts all over again in the morning! And yes, me and my brothers do try our best to help, but it’s not easy.

When this crazy stuff is all over come to my house to visit! Well, I guess I should ask my parents first.

The Suncoast Post has a story about other grand kids that is a great read!

Photos from Tobias’ Parents.

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