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What Our Sanitation Crew Does During the Coronavirus Outbreak

There are so many folks to thank and love during this pandemic. One group of unsung heroes are our sanitation crews here on the Florida Suncoast from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palmetto, Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Cortez, Anna Maria Island and so many more towns and cities.

Today is “garbage day” in my town. Some folks put the garbage out the night before and some do it early in the morning. I do early morning. While out on my morning walk with mask on and a bottle of sanitizer in my pocket, I heard the trucks on the next block. The next thing you know, the “guys”, a driver and one fellow on the back of the truck were doing what they really do well, picking up the garbage. Exciting, no. Needed, yes!

They both had masks and gloves on. I said to myself “who knows what is in that bag of garbage or in the can?” These guys are performing a service that takes a lot of guts and determination, especially in these very difficult times. I noticed a couple of folks just had their garbage dumped in a can with no bag and quite smelly. That’s just not fair. Give these guys a break.

Sanitation Crews deserving of respect

I have a new respect for the sanitation department not only in my town but all over. So North Port, Florida folks, Naples, Englewood, Bradenton Beach, Fort Myers and more, the next time you put the garbage out, be nice, be safe and be respectful to the guys that are picking it up. The Manatee County website has some tips to help customers to help their sanitation crews during this time.

These guys really don’t stop. But the next time I see them I am going to give them a nice tip. It’s probably better than cookies or food at this time. Thank you to all of the sanitation folks in Florida, the United States and the world. We need you and love you.

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