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What If Hillary Clinton Was Elected President?

What If Hillary Clinton Was Elected President?

| Sande Caplin |

Well, I hope the headline got your attention but, sorry, this article is not about Hillary and it’s not about Donald.   We never talk politics on The Sarasota Post!   It’s about the absolute craziness that is going on in social media circles and the damage it is causing.

Let me say that I am a huge supporter of freedom of speech.  I also support the right to protest.  What I cannot support is the absolute filth and venom that is coming out of people’s mouths, in print and video.

I am not a prude but, come on, this is crazy!  In today’s fast moving world Facebook, Twitter, and more are the everyday go-to place for information.  I have read about families breaking up over who they support in political circles.  Families are in distress and friends are arguing.   Our country is paying the price.

Another concern is the future of our job market.  Someone close to me who I have known for 40 years said that after his company interviews a potential employee the first place they go to is Facebook and Twitter to find out what the person is about.  He said “many people are dropped from consideration for a job because of the foul language they use on social media, obscene photos and pure vulgar behavior.”

A person that I know who retired from a government job stated on social media that she was now looking to start a new career and was available for employment.  I forwarded her post to a colleague.  Little did I know that a few days after she talked about her new career she went on FB and said some awful things (Yes, about the President). My colleague got back to me and showed me the post.   I felt awful.

Last week, my dear friend posted a couple of sentences about the President’s speech.  Well, he never expected the pure nastiness that some folks felt the need to put out there.  He was really hurt.  The 4 letter words that were used were awful.  

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Folks my age (old) are in on the foul language and nastiness too.  I guess they feel they are out of the job market and can say whatever they want.  Well oldies, your kids and grandkids are reading your smut and filth.  How does that make you feel?

Well, that’s my rant.  It’s great to see family photos, friend’s photos and great human interest stories on social media.  GoFundMe happened through social medial.  There is no place on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites for bad behavior, bad language and lewd photos.  

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