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Girl Scout Cookies

What Does Ari McMannus and Girls Scout Cookies Have In Common?

| Sande Caplin |


It’s that time of year again!  What you say?  What time of year?  It’s the time to get out a cold glass of milk, sit on the couch, turn on a good movie and yes… up a box of Girl Scout Cookies and start munching away!   I remember as a kid all of the girls in my elementary school class coming up to me and asking to “please buy some “Girl Scout Cookies?”  There were times when there were a dozen boxes in our house.

Ari McMannusWhich brings us to 2015 and Ari McMannus.  Many of you know Ari as the lead singer with Ari and the Alibis.  They are fabulous and can be seen performing at different venues around our area.  I have watched them perform many times!  Ari has 2 beautiful kids….a boy and a girl.    Both are awesome and the daughter is an exact look alike of Ari!

Besides performing and managing the band (a full time job) Ari spends her day as a full time mom and wow it’s a double time job!  Taking the kids to school, picking them up, boy scouts, girl scouts, homework, activity, activity…….. activity.

When Ari posted on her Facebook page the other day that she was helping to sell Girl Scout Cookies, I smiled.  How cool.  Memory lane!  I called her and asked her to get me 4 “thin mints.”  The next day I was thinking that it would be very cool to have a few more boxes to give to my friends.  I ordered 8 more boxes……assorted!  Yeah, it’s a lot of cookies, but it is for a great cause and Ari is a special lady.

Ari McMannusSo, join in and help Ari to help all of the girls to sell lots of cookies.  It for a great bunch of girls and there is nothing like a cold glass of milk and some awesome Girl Scout Cookies.  Contact Ari McMannus via Facebook to purchase cookies!


Thin Mints Cookies, Sarasota Florida

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