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Wearing a Mask

Reactance to Wearing a Mask on the Suncoast

| Natasha Reisner |

Wearing a mask is a topic – a national conversation, and undoubtedly, this issue is pertinent to us on the Suncoast. What saddens me is the polarization mask/face covering provokes at a time in which we must all consider one another as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, coupled with the staggering loss of precious lives.

On several occasions, I have spoken to people who tell me that since they are not ‘high-risk,’ they don’t see the need to wear a mask. Some individuals find themselves triggered by the idea of wearing a mask/face covering. Psychologically this state is called reactance. Individuals may find themselves feeling as though their freedoms are limited or challenged. Therefore, to restore a sense of control, they engage in behavior asserting their independence, a counterforce potentially even bold enough to taunt authorities or those with opposing views.

As someone that deeply values our liberties and the freedoms afforded us in this great nation of ours, I implore you to accept that this virus is unlike anything we have faced before. And yes, I get it masks/face coverings can feel odd, and maybe even look silly. Still, it is a small ask to do this one act to decrease this insidious virus’s spread.

This virus does not care about your political views; its job is to find a host, replicate, making you a carrier that can spread this virus to the next person, even if you are not symptomatic. If we could put politics aside, taking personal and collective responsibility, we can do this in the interest of our shared and uniting goal – ending COVID-19 and getting on with our lives. We are always stronger united.

And we can all do our part in reducing this virus in the interest of the best public health outcomes for our family, friends, and the greater community. Please wear your mask/face covering today.

Photo from Deposit Photos

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