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Walmart Restrooms

Walmart Restrooms on Memorial Day?

| Sande Caplin |

On Memorial Day we remember our fallen soldiers.  There are many stories written about this holiday…..important stories.  I choose to share a bit of humor today.  It has to do with too much thinking going on, Walmart and their very clean restrooms.

There are lots of folks who choose not to shop at Walmart.  A few days ago I had to stop at the brand new store at University Ave. and Lockwood Ridge.  I had just left a networking meeting where I was told that I have to attend a meeting every Thursday morning at 7:30 am.  Every Thursday….if not I would be in trouble.  Well, that wasn’t happening.  I left that meeting, made a stop at the Total Wine store where to my surprise they were the only store in town that had my favorite spirit!  I was just so excited.

I pulled into Walmart (I had no choice because they were the only store that had a cable that I needed for the new big screen in our office) and found the cable that I needed.  On my way out, I thought “I better use the restroom.”  I am not making excuses, but my brain was going in a thousand different directions.

I saw the sign “Restrooms,” walked in and my first though was “wow, this is interesting, no urinals in the men’s room.”  I thought it was strange, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.  If Walmart only wants toilets in the men’s room, that is their call.

I took care of business and while washing my hands a lady walked in.  My immediate response to myself was “what the hell was a lady doing in the men’s room?”  She looked at me, I looked at her, she screamed, although only slightly, I said “I’m sorry” and ran the hell out of that ladies room so fast it would make your head spin.

I knew it was time to take a chill pill and enjoy the long Memorial Day Weekend.  And yes, I am chilling and having the best Memorial Day Weekend, ever!  

Love and peace to all and enjoy this marvelous day.

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