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Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2020 – Celebrating the Spirit that Drives Us All

| Angela Naff |

This year has brought about many changes in our world, in both the state of humanity in general afflicted by a pandemic but the political landscape for our country in so many ways. As we head into November and celebrate our national holiday of Veterans Day on November 11, 2020, many have strong emotions about this day, our political environment currently, and even those that have served. For a moment, we will put those divided thoughts aside to discuss not the humans that served in these capacities but the spirit that drove a desire to make this ultimate sacrifice in the first place.

Veterans Day Lessons

Determination, a dedication to a higher cause, and above all, a desire to stand for something bigger than themselves is behind many that choose to serve in any military capacity. This spirit made the first explorers jump in boats and build the foundation for this amazing country, and myriads of men and women defend it since that inception. Those that serve ensure that our freedoms continue to allow us to decide how we choose to live, the careers we pursue, and even where we pitch a stake in the ground for our primary residence. We are afforded so much in this country despite the discord that may be evident currently, and it has come with a steep price. It is a burning fire inside that drives heroes to put themselves in the line of attack for humans they might never meet.

We all know someone who has served, lost a family member, or maybe the medical professionals who help patch them up when they come home. War, discord, and strife around the world is not something we can win with money or favors, but it comes at the cost of lives. Lives we all owe a debt of gratitude for, especially if we have never picked up a weapon in pursuit of our freedoms. If you have ever sat across the table from one of these, there is something special in the way they hold themselves proud. Or how their family talks about them and the stories they have to offer up. These are unique souls that believed in something so great that even when faced with death’s real potential, they raised their hands to volunteer. That is a spirit that we should all hope to attain.

Spirit that Unites Us All

This spirit makes you get up each day during a pandemic and worry not only about yourselves but how your neighbors are doing. That same spirit drives you to stand for a political cause you hold dear and a candidate that you can lend a voice to in some manner. That same spirit of determination has teachers reinventing how they teach and trying under the hardest of circumstances to mold young minds amid the toughest situations these days. The same spirit makes nurses and doctors stand ready to help COVID sufferers at the risk of their lives. The same spirit that we pause one day a year to celebrate and recognize in quiet reflection on Veterans Day.

Thank you for all that you do, veterans, and for teaching us about a spirit of determination, sacrifice, and contributing to something bigger than just us. We all should try our best every day to act toward our fellow man in a manner of celebrating, fostering, and embodying these characteristics—happy Veterans day to those who provided so much to all of us. This is one day a year to appreciate you back and the lessons a future generations will learn from your sacrifices.

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