Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories – Unique Ways to Capture Yours Here on the Suncoast

Each year many people gather across the globe for the holiday season with friends and family. These are some of the best memories that we all have from childhood on. Seeing friends we lost touch with, or maybe getting family together that live a fair distance from each other at the moments you want to capture. We wanted to provide a list of some amazing ideas to help capture the holiday memories to help revisit them in the best ways possible for years to come.

Holiday Photo Album

A photo album and not the Facebook kind! We all love to upload our snaps to social media and create an online record. But since we have used technology to store our photos, how often do we print them off? We used to fill actual photo album sleeves so we could flick through them and look at the original print.

A modern version of this is the photobook, available from places online this goes further than your traditional album. Adorn the front with your favorite snap, then customize the design and layout including text and images. The result is a book the whole family can enjoy looking through time and time again!

Holiday Postcards

Send Yourself Postcards

If traveling this holiday season along with those travel snapshots, buy postcards! You can most likely find them in any country or city you visit. They are inexpensive. The stamps will cost more, though the overall cost is pennies compared to what souvenirs will cost you. A postcard is a visual reminder of the places you went. Though, they are also an excellent opportunity to capture travel memories on the go.

Turn your Social Media Photos into Magnets

If you are social media junkie, chances are that you have tons of photographs uploaded on social media pages on a platform like Instagram. Instagram allows you to create a variety of posters, physical frames, photo strips, and mini-albums. You can also use software like Foxprint or portable printers such as the Polaroid zip to make photo magnets and stickers of your classic memories that you can use to decorate your fridge or give as gifts.

DIY Family Advent Calendar


This is a calendar of family holiday memories over the years and can be used year over year. This is a way to help introduce stories of past holidays for the next generation, nostalgically decorate for holidays, and carry on stories of previous holidays year over year with others. Making these for other family members make great gifts, and is a wonderful item if crafted right to pass down.

DIY Holiday Ornaments

You can create these ornaments as part of your holiday celebrations, and use them in the future to decorate. Add little memories to the clear glass ornament that reminds you of a special holiday. These will have future family and guests asking questions about the history, and in turn, allow you to reshare those memories.

Whether ad-hoc or more crafty there is a unique way for everyone to capture their holiday memories. You can make these part of future celebrations in some cases, or make them unique gifts for others. Hold on to those unique holiday memories in these and other amazing ways. Happy Holidays Suncoast!

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