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Twinkle- On Inheriting Disease

One of the great things about my band, is my guitar player and co-writer Lenny Brooks. Lenny and I both study nutritional healing, so it’s fun to share info back and forth.  One day I was talking about writing this essay on preventing inherited diseases with a plant based diet ( at a time when people are taking such actions as removing breast tissue to avoid breast cancer)  and he said, “Well you may inherit a tendency towards disease, but you definitely inherit your diet. I mean who teaches you how to eat? Your family!” Wow, I was stunned, because he was so right, and why didn’t I think of that?

So, this is an article to encourage you to take a hard look at what those around you eat. Is there a lot of white flour, white sugar, meat, cured meats cheese, milk, processed foods, corn syrup, artificial colors, etc?  To have health issues and still have a kitchen filled with these items is counterproductive.  If you or any of your family is interested in health, first you must clean out the garbage, and that hits a lot of people hard. Mainly because it’s the food they were raised on, their comfort food.  Well this isn’t your grandparents era, and food is raised and processed in a very different way.  Much of the time with very toxic results.

The first step to good health is get your fridge looking like a produce stand.  Buy local as much as you can, buy organic when you can, the rule of thumb is and always has been, the less processing, the better.  Raw unfiltered honey instead of sugar, fruit of all kinds(berries being especially medicinal) instead of cookies and cakes.  Lots and lots of greens, Kale, spinach, lettuces etc.  And, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!

One of my favorite books in my years of research was “Your Health, Your Choice” (by  M.A. Dr. M. Ted Morter Jr.) In it he explains the effect of food on your body from the moment it goes in your mouth. Such a great book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.   The simple form is this, if your plate is 75% plants, the rest can be whatever you want, because you’ve given your body what it needs.  (In a perfect world.  Our soil is not what it used to be, which is why supplements are important, but that’s another essay in itself. But I will say, stay away from synthesized vitamins, stick to food based. 

For more info on plant based nutrition, why it works, and the research behind it, please read The China Study by T.Colin Campbell, watch Forks over Knives, the documentary, and Fat Sick And Nearly Dead, all great, all super informative, all potentially life saving.

PS. I highly suggest you invest in an slow Juicer, and a Nutribullet, or something comparable. Both are amazing tools that get the most out of your raw veggies, greens and fruits. Even nuts. If you don’t have a lot of extra cash, check out Fingerhut, they give credit to anyone and have these great kitchen Health tools.  

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