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Twinkle- On Bitching

| Sande Caplin |

The older I get, the more interested in politics I become.  It’s not lost on me that everything, and I mean everything is ruled by politics.  Education, environment, energy, mortgages, farming, arts, immigration, medicine, space travel, public transportation, air travel, I mean, the list goes on forever. And in our current, very divided feeling, state of affairs I see and hear a lot of bitching.

Everyone has a very strong opinion on something. Some of these opinions were actually formed by the individual, but a great percentage of opinion is manipulated through propaganda and very soap opera like drama ‘news shows’.  Now my purpose of this article is not to dispel rumor or argue points of any kind, I can do that on my own personal Facebook page, or not at all. What I do  want to say is this; If you have something to say, something that matters to you, say it to your representatives. Because in the short time it takes you to post a complaint/comment to your Facebook page, or whatever social media, you could say it to your rep.

Now remember, it doesn’t matter who you voted for, the person in the office still represents you. They have staff at the ready, reading your letters, fielding your phone calls etc. Your position does matter to them, no matter what side you’re on. In the end, we’re all on the same side right? All Americans, hoping the best for our country, our children, our planet, our world. And like it or not, we are all in this together. We’ve only got one planet so far, and it’s getting smaller by the second.

So if you don’t want the rules dictated to you by a very small minority of mostly white, elderly voters, then I suggest you A) Quit bitching and get proactive B) If you’re not registered to vote, then get registered, it’s easy and fast. C) Vote in all of the elections, not just presidential ones, because your state, your county, your town are all run by people who have been voted in. And not by a true representation of the populous, No, elected by a tiny fraction of the citizens.  Photo courtesy from

Yochim out

Twinkle Schacle Yochim

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