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Twinkify Your Year- Twinkle Rock Soul Radio European Tour

Twinkify Your Year- Twinkle Rock Soul Radio European Tour

| Sande Caplin |

Are you feeling like 2017 is the year to live larger? At a time when people are trying to lose weight, downsize, and simplify, are you ready to blow the roof off the rafters and get the heck out of Dodge? Is this the time where the mundane expectancies of a year spent working rather than living have you longing for the holidays again so you can get the old endorphins going?

If you are ready for the trip of a lifetime that will transport you to some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, eating wonderful meals at beautiful hotels, then listen up, because this is the year to take all this in. And while an exquisite trip like this is enough to intrigue most, be prepared to rock the French Riviera and Spain like it’s nobody’s business because you will be accompanied by Sarasota’s own Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio, who are ready to emerge onto the European music scene with their tribe, and that includes you.

For people who have followed Twinkle, one knows that just a mere evening listening to this soulful crooner makes you feel like the stars have aligned to put you in her presence. It is hard to believe this petite flower-child can belt out the most badass rock tunes you’ve heard while making the stage light up with James Brown type moves. She is the epitome of a true performer who, though often surrounded by diehard fans and friends at performances, reaches out and includes all who are present whether they know her or not. Back in the heyday of outdoor live music in Sarasota, my husband and I enjoyed many Friday nights at the Depot and 5’O, making sure we bought her CDs and feeling special that she autographed them. Her music has been the background music for parties, fights, make-ups, wedding planning, baby rocking, and now family dinners. We were thrilled to stumble upon Twinkle playing at “Eat Here” on a rare night out a few years back and she sang Happy Birthday to my husband. (Happiest day of his life.) So, I knew exactly what their tour manager, Desirée Schell, was talking about when she recounted how she had been “Twinkified.” It was after one of Twinkle’s performances that Desirée introduced herself and mused that “even though she didn’t know me, she gave me a hug, her cell phone number, and said let’s talk.”

Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio

Desirée is a language arts teacher at Pine View School and has been traveling with students and their families for over ten years. In a school where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged for the students, Desirée takes a similar approach with her students, where they work beyond the walls of the school and campus, taking an open approach to learning in stimulating environments. Her extensive marketing and teaching background combined with an on-point organizational skill has resulted in countless fun, educational, and enriching trips over the years, that she has guided. When she heard that Twinkle would like to return to Europe, (she previously performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival,) she felt it was a natural pairing between her and the band, and plans for a worldwide tour in 2017 were underway.

So far, the hype over the trip has been exciting and they are at 33% of capacity. With only a small deposit of $50 to freeze the price, an easy payment plan can be arranged to fulfill the remaining balance. Stops in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice and other beautiful destinations will find you rocking to the band in historical pubs and taverns. The 14-day trip includes airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, transportation between venues, breakfasts and dinners, entrance to attractions and much more. Several payment plans are available to accommodate the full price of $4,594 and interested travelers are encouraged to put the small deposit down to secure their spot.

Twinkle’s hope is to unite with many of her international fans who have waited a long time for her to come to their neck of the woods. She is already receiving air-play on many radio stations abroad and is excited to rock Spain and the French Riviera. She also looks forward to shining a light on all the talent that resides in and around Sarasota. A true hometown girl at heart since her days at Pine View, where she credits many of her teachers for “blowing her mind” and inspiring her to “reach for the stars,” she is ready to set the world on fire. For a performer who has played with many of the greats including Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, the Allman Brothers, and more, she has always found her footsteps leading her steadfastly back to Sarasota. But this is the year to take it global and she believes Desirée is just the person qualified to take the helm on the project.
The trip of a lifetime, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere is here! Twinkle and her tribe are calling you to join them in what will surely be an event to be heralded for generations. Who is ready to be Twinkified? For more information about the tour, please visit http:

Live Music Sarasota Florida

photos by Vicky Sullivan / Rock the Lens Photography and Tony LeClerc

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