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There is 14 days left till official voting day November 8th in the Presidential election. Both candidates are making several appearances in Florida, to get those last minute votes. Early voting started yesterday if you want to vote now and avoid going on election day.

There was a crowd of around 20,000 that kept traffic backed up to get into the State Fairgrounds for at least an hour. A charge of $10.00 for parking which was surprising as there is not usually a parking fee for concerts here.

Walking to the Amphitheater, there was an array of Trump “Make America Great Again” merchandise booths including caps, t-shirts and buttons. The cast of characters included preachers with small sound systems to save your soul, people protesting Hillary Clinton and a few Clinton supporters.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi warmed up the crowd. FSU retired coach Bobby Bowden came to the podium to a surprised Florida crowd to see the legendary 86 year-old coach. He talked about supporting our military and introduced Republican candidate Donald Trump to the crowd.

Former FSU Coach Bobby Bowden

Mr. Trump arrived to the podium around 7:30 p.m.  He spoke for approximately 45 minutes. The crowd was enthusiastic, waving signs and chanting with Trump.  There were signs for Women for Trump, Wiki Leaks, Make America Great Again and various homemade signs. People in both Trump and Clinton costumes.  In leaving early, there was still several hundred people waiting to get in.

Trump Rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s next big Tampa event will be on November 5th with musician Jon Bon Jovi. Venue to be announced.

photos by Vicky Sullivan / Rock the Lens Photography for The Sarasota Post

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