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Tropical Holiday

Tips for Suncoast Style Holiday Decorations This Year

| Angela Naff |

While many of us love this time of year, it can be challenging to get in the spirit of the holiday season when you live in snow-free, more temperate climates. We have compiled a list of amazing ways to change your home decor and get in the spirit without hiring a snow truck or importing cheer from up north. Grab some standard string lights and your DIY items, and get started transforming into a paradise for Christmas.

Everything Looks Better with Holiday Lights

Certainly, Christmas tree lights can add a new level to your decorations. Maybe you aren’t able to get the traditional reds, blues, and greens this year due to no tree. Did you know that string lights can add a festive touch to even outside decorations? And the good news is that picking a neutral shade in warm tones can be left up year-round. Just swap out the holiday pieces and make your lawn, entryway or other space a landmark over time.

Holiday Lights
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Change up Colors

Sure, Red, Green, and white are often associated with Christmas. In warmer climates, those can be stark contrasts to the lighter color schemes and just not resonate. Change things up with palm branches, teals, greys, or other color combinations that give your home a new festive facelift without overwhelming your favorite warm-weather design elements. Also, try regular vines or other more local inspired garland and decor pieces instead of pine-needle-heavy pieces.

Festive Decor
Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Go Big for the Holiday?

A roaring fire you don’t need, but a faux fireplace can set the mood just as well. This one by Michelle of The Cozy Farmhouse was thrifted and painted black. The creator then glued on wood slices purchased from a craft store. The result is so homey, especially with the striking mantel decor of dried leaves and black candlesticks.

Holiday Fireplace

Splash of Color

Poinsettias become real showstoppers when cut for petite displays and don’t need big space or care. Place them in little glasses, but first dab away sap and burn the ends with a lighter; this keeps the water clear and makes bracts last longer (about two or three days).

To create the glasses, brush glue onto small vases or votive holders, then sprinkle with fine glitter.


No Tree No Problem

Put Christmas tree sprigs and other greenery bits to use on a mantel, sideboard or shelf as birch “trees.”

Using a bit that matches the stem’s diameter, drill holes 1/2 inch or so into birch discs (available at crafts stores). Insert clippings. If needed, apply a dab of glue around stems to secure. Then arrange the trees on a tray or pedestal and add candles. Turn extra pine sprigs into boho tassels by inserting them (with lower needles removed) about ½ inch into frayed rope ends, wrapping embroidery thread tightly around the end to keep them in place. For a mottled effect, float (not submerge) a loose ball of cotton rope in fabric dye for 24 hours.

Holiday Tree Idea
Photo courtesy of Thayer Gowdy

How many of these amazing ideas have you thought of before? Did you just get a second wind for holiday decorating? What party ideas are you incorporating to make the most festive of holidays without snow-capped sceneries outside? We know it is all about the season’s spirit, but decor goes a long way toward making us all festive and whistling holiday tunes so go crazy, Suncoast.

Happy decorating – let’s usher in the holiday in style this year!

Feature photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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