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Tia Castle

Tia Castle- So Much Talent and Motivation In One Beautiful Woman

| Sande Caplin |

updated 8/23/2013

I wasn’t at all prepared to meet Tia Castle and experience her as being humble, beautiful, intelligent and sensitive to the unfortunate people around the world who are homeless, but most of all, the horror of women and children being utilized for  human trafficking.  I was so taken by her sincerity.  She is a physically beautiful and intelligent woman with so much good experience and I know  Sarasota should keep their eyes on this rising star because Tia is going places.

Tia’s home town is Sarasota, so coming here to be the Associate Director of Marketing of the Sarasota Film Festival is both meaningful and a challenge.  It’s not an acting or singing role, but read on and you’ll see how multi-faceted Tia is.  Her Mother is here in Sarasota, and it was so tender to hear Tia say, “I love my mother so much, she’s my best friend.”  While growing up in Sarasota, Tia attended Sarasota Visual and Performing Arts High School, and also graduated Cum Laude from American University in Washington D.C. with a BA in Communications.

Tia’s experience includes positions in corporate America, in addition to the arts and entertainment.  She was, in fact, a nationally ranked medical sales professional with J&J Ortho Biotech and Janssen Pharmaceutical Division.  You might have also caught Tia demonstrating skin care and makeup products on Shop NBC, a nationally syndicated home shopping club of great prestige. She is also in the process of making a deal with HSN, Home Shopping Network, and I wish her well with that  I think, after speaking with Tia and catching her excitement about her up-and-coming film that is in the works, this will be her piece de resistance.  Check her website: for more information about the production and how you can help.

Tia Castle Sarasota FloridaHaving so much going on, making decisions is such a challenge that she decided to listen to the still voice within herself and make her own choices about her career. This was based on experience and a deep look into the future to know how she wants her creative life to go.  Her music video is so professional and I asked her if it was all fun.  Well!  I had no idea what was involved, from keeping on task, to getting people to show up on time, to the challenge of being in charge, yet being a person who didn’t have to yell and scream to get the cast in the mood to really produce.  Tia is soft-spoken and sensitive, the kind of gal you want to lean in and listen to, and not miss a word.

Grayson InternationalWhen I said to Tia, “what made you want to pursue this type of career, and did you know,  even when you were a little girl?”  “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I did  want to make my mother proud of me” and I was really touched by that reply.  When she packed up her car a few years ago to go to L.A. and learn acting and really gather experience, I considered that an extremely brave adventure and that’s what Tia is all about…just do it, learn all you can, and never give up.  When I asked her to tell me what she does in her down time, what she visualizes, or is she just silent, and she said “I like to be quiet and still.  There is much to be heard in the silence.”

The Sarasota Post expressly thanks Tia Castle for her time.  We hope to follow her career as it ascends to endless possibilities!

Here is an update about Tia….8/23/2013.  This Press Release is frin the “Business Wire” that was featured on wall street’s “The Street” web site. (7/2/2013)

Greyson International Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: GYSN), developer of an innovative patented topical delivery technology targeting the multi-billion dollar cosmetics and OTC pharmaceutical industries, today announced that it recruited Tia Castle for the position of Brand Manager and Beauty Spokes Person for Greyson Skincare with Trilexon® technology.

“Tia brings more than 15 years’ experience in both pharmaceutical sales and marketing with drug giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J). She is also an established on-air TV and film personality,” said Harvey Tauman, CEO of Greyson Inc. Ms. Castle’s immediate role will be to manage the launch of Greyson Skincare on shopping networks, targeted for later this year, and appear as the on-air spokesperson. “I am excited to come on board full time, as I believe in Greyson’s ability to become a worldwide leader in skincare and pharmaceuticals. The potential to help companies stave off and recover from the ‘patent cliff’ is an enormous opportunity that needs immediate implementation,” said Tia Castle.

 The “patent cliff” is a big pharma company problem whereby brand name drugs that have delivered steady sales and profits are losing their patent protection. Greyson’s next news release will be detailing how their Trilexon® delivery system will give hope to the industry regarding the potential $90 billion loss.

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