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The Worst Vacation Ever- Not!

Well, I am sure the headline got your attention.  No Disneyworld, no Carribean cruise, no ten countries in seven days, no Sea World, no. no, no!

It was an eight day vacation with none of the bells and whistles.  I got to spend the entire time with my 5 grandboys and their moms and dads and it was absolutely awesome.  Instead of having a business calendar to work with last week, I had a “play calendar!”  Here is last weeks itinerary….

Sunday, 8/21– Landed at LaGuardia, took a cab to Brooklyn where we had an awesome BBQ with friends and family.  Hot Dogs, Burgers, and all of the great American fixings!  Walked the 2 boys home, stopped for ice cream, gave them baths, read stories and put them to bed.  How awesome a day it was.

Monday Night FootballMonday, 8/22– Both boys were up at 6:30am!  Made them breakfast, played a few “board games,” got them dressed and walked (yes walked) them to school!  I spent the day walking around and hanging out in Brooklyn!  Picked up the boys from school, walked them home and then headed to “Monday Night Football with my son, Bryan.”  Well, that did not turn out very good if you’re a die hard NY Jets fan.

Tuesday, 8/23–  Wanted to sleep in since we did not get home from the game until 1:00am, but the boys wanted no part of it.  Again, 6:30 breakfast, board games, got them dressed and off to school.  I spent the afternoon making my famous (or not so famous) spaghetti sauce.  Picked up the boys from school, walked around Brooklyn for a bit, and than actually sat down and had a real “family dinner.”  Everyone together….me, their mom, dad & the 2 boys.  That does not happen very often.

New York JetsWednesday, 8/24-  After taking the boys to school, I spent the morning at the World Trade Center Memorial.  I am so glad that I went.  Came home to another family dinner.  We also did puzzles and played more board games.

Thursday, 8/24-  Said my good byes to the boys & “lady Yael” of Brooklyn  and took the Long Island Railroad to Smithtown, NY.  I was greeted at the train station to a huge “Poppy” scream by my oldest, Aidan.  He had the entire day planned out.  I took him and his brother Shea to the movies and then dinner that night at “Cheesecake Factory!  When we got home it was “all star wresting” live in the living room, jumping from couch to couch.  Oh boy, do I ache.

Friday, 8/25- Bowling with the little guys.  4 games and they tired me out.  All 3 boys spent the evening at their dads, so I had chance to finally spend some dad and daughter time.  Lindsay and I gorged ourselves on Sushi!

Smithtown, NYSaturday, 8/26– 7am “hockey game!”  Yes, 7am.  The 2 older brothers are on the same team.  They lost in overtime but everyone had fun.  I came home and made another batch of spaghetti sauce for these guys while “Nanny” took them to a Country Fair.  We watched football in the afternoon, played stickball, basketball and hockey in the street and I even tried to teach Shea how to ride a 2 wheeler bike.  I was exhausted.  After a nice family dinner, we had “movie night!”

Sunday, 8/27–  The entire “LI” family drove me to the airport with a changeover at my sister Eileen’s house!  It was a sad goodbye.  

I love this crew.  The word “priceless” comes to mind although it is over used.  We had so much fun.  It was my best vacation ever and it was all so simple… board games, walks around Brooklyn, watching movies and making pop corn, doing puzzles, playing in the street and so much more.

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Word Trade Center Memorial

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