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Sadly, A Happy Ending!

| Sande Caplin |

I know, the headline does not make any sense.  But, in a way it does.  The end of the year is a few days away.  It’s sad, but happy because a New Year is upon us.

I wanted to share some “stuff” about The Sarasota Post.  Five years ago, James Newton came to me and said that we bought the URL  I said “great, now what do you want to do with it?”  After lots of brainstorming none of our ideas were original so we went back to square one.  And then, we got it! 

Why not just write about people, places, businesses, events and more about Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and the surrounding areas?  Well, 5 years later and over a 1200 stories, we’re still going.

We’re not a big media company owned by a bigger media company, not a corporate magnate….just some local folks who love sharing great stories about our town.

We have many people who wrote for us over the years.  Some of them have gone on to bigger companies…..we knew that would happen and are so happy for them.  Vicky Sullivan / Rock The Lens Photography takes lots of photos for the Sarasota Post, travels the country taking photos at conventions, parades, fabulous concerts and more.  Her stories on “The Post” are read world-wide!  Jodi Schwarzenbach writes every Wednesday and has quite a following.  Renee Fisher from Life in the Boomer Lane contributes several times a month.

We love what we do and know that there are many people out there who have stories to share.  If you love to write and want to share a story about our area, please email your story in a “word or PDF” document along with photos to  

Happy New Year!

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