The Sarasota Post Looks Back at 2017

The Sarasota Post Looks Back at 2017

As we make the ascension into 2018, we look back at 2017 with wonder at the exciting events that took place. Nationally, we witnessed a new presidency and a myriad of opinions and conversations that have ensued. Floridians and those in the tropics braced for a Category 5 hurricane when Irma blew in but thankfully, for many, it was a quieter event. We pray for those in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who are still suffering. Locally we witnessed the generous spirit and collective energy of a community that comes together repeatedly to support one another. When word gets out that a member of our Sarasota family is in need, the masses unite. Yes, we are blessed to live in not only a beautiful, tropical paradise but one that beats with a wide-open, generous heart.

I want to first give a big “Thank You” to Jack Elka, Jack Elka Photography.  He was kind enough to supply us with the photo of the Sarasota Skyline.  Jack took the photo from a helicopter several weeks ago.  Jack is a big supporter of The Sarasota Post and a very well-known photographer in our area.

The year began on a musical note, as is often the case at The Sarasota Post. We bid a fond farewell to Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio as they embarked on their first European Tour. How fun was it to see the rest of the world fall in love with these great ambassadors of the talented musical community that thrives in Sarasota. We caught up with Sean Chambers and his exciting release of Trouble and Whiskey. We brought you the latest from Decades Rewind and welcomed them back to the Van Wezel for a second time. And, oh! Those concerts. How many of you enjoyed living vicariously through Vicky Sullivan as she gave us some of the most vivid writeups and pictures of the greatest musical names on the planet. From Katy Perry to Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney to John Mayer, and adding in countless other musical legends, Vicky has a way of making us feel like we are in the front row at these concerts rocking out with the best of them. And just as Vicky is our musical guru, we equally enjoy reading about some of Sarasota’s best landmarks by our very own Patti Pearson, bringing us up to speed on businesses in the area.

Sarasota Post TeamThis past year, The Sarasota Post added two new team members, Rose Lipke and Molly Slicker. We have loved Rose’s humorous perspective on everything from friendship to procrastination to interesting hurricane plans. She has endeared us to the uniqueness of the tight-knit Cortez community and we look forward to the directions her humor will take us in this year. Molly is our social-media extraordinaire and we have enjoyed her creative writings and are inspired by her philanthropic endeavors. Speaking of charitable causes, The Sarasota Post had another blockbuster year when it comes taking care of the community it loves. The Giving Back event held annually at the Swordfish Grill benefitted the Blessing Bags Project to the tune of over $20,000.   Thank you Bob Slicker and your team including Laura Bell Adams and Katrina Cox!  The lucky recipient of the 2018 Giving Back event will be Hungers End and we look forward to seeing a hugely successful event coming up this year.

The Sarasota Post was happy to bring you coverage of the Sarasota Film Festival, including visits by Rory Kennedy and Diane Lane this year. We loved covering the special documentary, “Returning,” which gave an in-depth look at the Veterans Treatment Court. We interviewed Mark Famiglio who provided a bird’s-eye-view of the thousands of hours that go into bringing the Sarasota Film Festival to the area each year.

Fabio Dal Boni, Jodi Schwarzenbach, Laura Bell Adams, Shelby HartshornAs for me, I have found that writing for The Sarasota Post is an invigorating process and it has been my pleasure to bring you stories of people making a difference in the area. Whether it is through innovative artistic techniques as displayed by Fabio Dal Boni, or through the creation of beautiful food, as Joe DiMaggio, Jr. exhibited, we have been honored to share the interesting stories of people in our community. If it’s new and unique in Sarasota—we are there to cover new openings like Lucky’s Market and we are always supportive of groups that provide a solid foundation for Sarasota including Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe and Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

We look forward to a new year and the opportunity to continue to talk about “all things Suncoast.” Thank you to all those who have sent in press releases and information regarding your events in the area, together we are covering all the bases and keeping readers informed. Happy New Year, Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and all those around the Suncoast. We are honored to be your go-to source for what’s happening in the area and look forward to 2018 being our best year yet.

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Photos courtesy of The Sarasota Post and Jack Elka


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