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The Day The Music Died In Sarasota County

| Sande Caplin |

Well, the music did not die in Sarasota County, but I hope the headline got your attention.  Leslie SRQ asked me to re-post her article that she wrote on Facebook.  Anyone who knows Leslie knows that she is a huge supporter of Live Entertainment in our town and those who earn their living giving us the joy of music.  She has put a more level headed perspective on this very highly debated issue.  She asked us to add-You are NOT going to win over anyone and ultimately achieve your goals by belligerence, insults and defiance.”  Leslie’s article……

I need to preface this with a ‘reminder’….if you know me, you know I PROMOTE & Support LIVE music in our area………I do many of your posters, your promo videos, promote your events, etc……….I am NOT the enemy!

However, I was literally sick to my stomach last night after reading many of the posts regarding the decision that was reached yesterday regarding sound levels. I read emotional outbursts; threats of anarchy and ‘death wishes’, etc. I am going to go out on a limb here and make the assumption that musicians, in addition to being talented, also have the common sense to realize this is business and ultimately they want RESULTS~~~If you want results, go about it in a professional manner and at least make an attempt to get the other side’s point of view!! (i.e. it could be YOUR Dad, who having worked 40 years in a steel mill, retired to Florida, invested in a home to spend quiet evenings outdoors with your mother having a bbq and conversation and who then found themselves not being able to hear each other talk and when retreating to the bedroom to watch TV, their bedroom mirror is rattling)! This is an issue that is not one-sided…..and YES, Musicians have RIGHTS……..but so do ALL the other citizens who claim this area as home.

I have heard the claims that musicians want to CLAIM BACK their City……….it is NOT the Musician’s City, it is not MY city, it is not the City Council’s City, it is not the condo owner’s city………the City belongs to ALL of us and ALL of us deserve RESPECT!!! PLEASE do yourselves a favor and those of us who LOVE live music here, and approach this in an organized & mature fashion and be willing to accept compromise.

You are NOT going to win over anyone and ultimately achieve your goals by belligerence, insults and defiance.

To the best of my knowledge, MANY months have passed since the meeting in downtown SRQ when a temporary ‘reprieve’ was issued, and I saw no evidence of musicians making any constructive attempts to communicate and address the issue since then. Then another meeting happens and many people are complaining that they didn’t know about it, etc.

I suggest that if some kind of united front (a coalition if you will) had been attempted months ago, & perhaps even a ‘watchdog’ committee formed, we might not NOW be finding ourselves in this unfortunate situation.

If you want to ultimately prevail, see their side as well and perhaps illustrate the possibility that putting the kibosh on live music could have a NEGATIVE effect on tax & tourism dollars…….that is an argument they will LISTEN to!!! Get Business OWNERS behind you who also will suffer as a result of lost revenue etc. Again, this is something they will listen to.

Your wailing that they are just plain OLD or culturally, musically or artistically handicapped…….is going to achieve nothing…… might ‘feel better’ having expressed your venom, but you have not accomplished anything!! MUSICIANS you know I LOVE you and I share your goals………but I want you to achieve them. I have no desire to offend any of you………..I just have some very genuine concerns about some of the suggested approaches to this dilemma. PLEASE know that I am behind you, I am behind LIVE Music and I will do anything in my power to SUPPORT you!!!

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