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The Christmas Gift

| Sande Caplin |

I was babysitting my son’s dog – Penelope Pitbull on December 23.  Like all hardworking females, Penelope was in desperate need of a manicure just before Christmas.  I loaded her in the car and drove her to large Petsmart just down the street from our house.  

Penelope and I walked to the beauty parlor section.  There the manicurist suggested to us the options that were available and it was decided that Penelope would have her nails done via grinding as opposed to clipping.  
A slight problem developed during the manicure, Penelope is ticklish and was jumping around while I tried to reassure her that everything was alright. 

While we were surviving the manicure, customers were coming in to pick up or drop off their pets for grooming.   While standing there waiting for Penelope’s manicure to be completed, another potential customer came through the door.  With her was a large black female Labrador Retriever.  The dog was a bundle of positive energy.  Although she looked kind of goofy, she radiated love and she looked like she was smiling.  

The lady who brought the dog in said, “I just rescued this dog and she’s in need of a bath.”  
The employees asked if the woman had the dog’s list of vaccines and shots, and if she couldn’t provide it, they would be unable to bring this loving dog into contact with the others there for grooming.  
The lady told the groomers, “No problem.  I will try and get the paperwork from the people.  I just got her tonight, and if I didn’t take her, they were going to put her down.”

As the lady took her newly adopted fur child home, I gulped down the lump in my throat and said, “Thank you for adopting her.”

As Penelope and I walked back to the car for the ride home, I wonder who received the better Christmas gift, the lady with the new found friend or the dog that was given the gift of life by this Christmas angel.

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