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The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga in the Fall Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

We have officially moved into Fall, and the weather is getting more temperate. This is the time of year to get out of doors and find some activities to ring in the last part of the year, healthy, happy, and enjoying the amazing sights around the Suncoast. One option to stay active and healthy this fall is to find a great yoga studio that takes place outdoors to enjoy by the end of 2023.

Benefits of Yoga

In recent, yoga has grown in popularity as it offers a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that contribute to overall well-being. Physically, it enhances flexibility, strength, and balance, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of injury during normal daily activities. The practice also improves cardiovascular health, aids in weight management, and boosts the immune system functionality. For mental health, this activity assists in reducing stress through relaxation by mindful and deep breathing techniques. Yoga is a holistic discipline that not only nurtures the body but also the mind and spirit and absolutely supports health and wellness.


Local Outdoor Yoga Options

Beach Yoga Pinellas – At Beach Yoga Pinellas we encourage you to start your morning with us or conclude your day with a relaxing sunset class.  Join us on the beach as you realign your body and mind.  Set your intention or take your practice farther in our tranquil beach setting.

Ocean Fitness Yoga – Unique Ocean Fitness Classes and Adventure Tours in St Petersburg, Florida: Vinyasa Flow Yoga fused with Core Strength, Flexibility, and Balance! Explore the Beauty of Nature and Get Fit on a Paddleboard, on the Beach, or during a Breathtaking Florida Gulf Sunset! All levels are welcome.

Sunset Yoga Flow with Angela – Join every Sunday and Tuesday for sunset beach yoga! Enjoy a relaxing sunset session with your toes in the white powdery sand of lovely Anna Maria Island! What a perfect way to express gratitude as we watch the sun melt into the sea and witness the sky transforming with color!

Yoga by The Bay with Erin – Erin draws hundreds of people a week to a park along Sarasota Bay, where she spreads her love of making yoga accessible to all. She believes yoga can enhance our lives physically and emotionally. Throughout her class, Erin sprinkles in “yogi wisdom” about taking control, the power of forgiveness, and truly being the author of our own lives.

Whatever your plans for the fall, from concerts to theater or even outdoor festivals and activities – yoga and other health routines can benefit you. Keeping yourself flexible, mentally attuned, and ready to take on new adventures is a benefit of yoga. There are a number of great outdoor options here on the Suncoast, as listed above. If you haven’t tried this holistic exercise, we encourage you to do so soon and check out this wonderful addition to your wellness journey.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Deposit Photos and Unsplash

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