Westbury High School Class of 1968 Reunion

Thank You, Laurie Harris

Our dear friend, classmate and my very first girl friend when I was 12, Laurie Harris lost her courageous battle today.  She was a fighter to the very end.  Laurie was “unique” to say the least.  She had a spirit like no one else I ever knew.  She had a knack to make you laugh, but always kept you on your toes.

Laurie and PacoI have a few thoughts that I want to share about Laurie.  She is the person responsible for getting the Westbury High School Class of 1968 Reunion started.  I remember her emailing me and then calling me in 2011.  “Sande, we need to have a class reunion before we die, so let’s do it and you need to be involved.”  I said “I did not have the time.”  Laurie would not take no for an answer and kept hounding me!  The rest is history and the Class of 1968 had a fabulous reunion.  Laurie’s efforts brought close to 200 of our classmates together, rekindled old friendships and started some new ones!  Laurie wasn’t able to attend the reunion, but was there in spirit.

Three other stories to share about lovely Laurie-  1963 (yikes!)  We were boyfriend and girlfriend or so we thought.  Laurie was about a foot taller than me.  I remember asking her to dance at someone’s Bar Mitzvah party.  Can you imagine?  It was rather cute.

We used to hang out in my basement in Westbury on Montauk Court. Laurie, Eddie Arfin, Michelle, Dawn, Donna, Neal, Peter, Leslie, Augie and the rest of the crew.  There was a song back then called “Let Me In.”  When I heard about Laurie’s passing, that song came to my mind.  I can still see her jumping up and down in the basement and singing!……here is the song (It’s very upbeat), that was our pal, Laurie!


Laurie and Her FamilyI had the privilege of having lunch with Laurie and Paco, her puppy in April.  We had so much fun, some laughs and some tears.  When we left the restaurant, we walked a few blocks on 5th Avenue, holding hands.  Laurie being Laurie said “hey Sande, I am not a foot taller than you anymore.  It’s more like 7” now.  Either I shrunk or you grew.”  That’s how I will remember Laurie from that Spring Day last April.

Love you, Laurie Harris and we will all miss you so much.  Also, our prayers go out to Neal and the rest of Laurie’s family.

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Laurie Harris

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