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Tanya Mccormick

Tanya Mccormic Is Giving Back, Hope You Will Too!

| Sande Caplin |

Tanya will be performing at the “Giving Back” charity event for F.E.L.T (Feeding Empty Little Tummies) on September 13 at The Swordfish Grill and Tiki along with Billy Rice, Kim Betts, Dana Lawrence, Greg Poulis and Twinkle. The Musical Director for this event is Leo Binetti.  Tickets are almost sold out so purchase yours today. Here is a little background about Tanya…

She was born in the Bronx, NY and moved to St. Pete when she was about 8. She grew up in a Russian household, speaking only Russian at home until she was about 12.

Tanya went to high school in St. Pete and graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Management Information Systems.

She started in music just over 10 years ago. Her father decided to retire from his second career, move to North Carolina and turn 65 all in the same month. So they hired a band and invited about 100 people to celebrate in their backyard. Her dad asked her to sing his favorite song with the band. She only sang at Karaoke so it was a stretch!!! Rick Fass was in the band and after the party he said he was forming a band with a couple of friends and would she be interested? Yes!!!!

At the time she had a very successful career. With the travelling and the day to day responsibilities Tanya couldn’t commit to much outside of work. So I made the decision… she quit her job to sing.

Shortly after, Rick, Al Marnie, Bob Lunergan and Tanya started the band The Wheedles. A few years later Ryan Langley joined the band and they were complete. They played at Pelican Pete’s every week until they closed. In the interim, she met Matt Coates and we formed a duo.

Tanya said “I am thrilled and honored to be performing to raise money for FELT and with such talented musicians.”

Cocktail Hour at 6pm with Tim Chandler.

PLEASE, Help feed hungry kids.  For Tickets, contact the Swordfish Grill & Tiki at 941 798-2035 or Order ON LINE at:

Feeding Empty Little Tummies

Tanya Mccormic photo by Jack Elka, Jack Elka Photography

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