Swordfish Grille “Grego” Retires Today, Starts His New Job Tomorrow

Greg “Crabman” Koeper has been a fixture at the Swordfish Grille for 7 years.  As Greg tells the story, “Bob Slicker, the GM at the time, hired me to just do the “Crab Races on Tuesday nights.”  I said to Bob, “I will do it but only one night per week.  I can only give you one night per week.”

Well, Bob Slicker had another plan.  Again, as Greg tells it, “first it was two days per week than three, then four and then I became a full-time manager!”   The Tuesday night Crab Races became one of the biggest events in Cortez!

Many of you knew Greg years ago when he owned “Grego’s Almost To The Beach Tavern,” where ironically, Bob worked for Greg!  He was a cook for Greg’s restaurant!


Greg will be greatly missed.  My thoughts about Greg – He is one of the kindest, most easy-going people that I know.  Just before Covid-19 hit, three of my grandsons came to visit.  Of course, the Swordfish Grille was their first stop for the Crab Races.  Greg took all 3 boys to the Crab Tank and spent almost an hour with them explaining everything there was to know about the crabs.  That’s typical Greg.

I stopped at the Swordfish today, knowing it was Greg’s last day.  I’ve been gone for almost a month.  As I walked in, there was Greg to greet me.  We shared lunch, talked about old times, and lots of memories.  He had to throw in a dig…. “Hey, how about those NY Jets!”

We are all going to miss you, Greg.  Best of luck with your retirement.

This Just In!  Greg’s retirement will be short-lived.  Starting tomorrow he took a job as a full-time golfer.  (course to be announced)

Photos from The Suncoast Post / Sande Caplin & Associates

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