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Tampa Mike's Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

| Sande Caplin |
I woke up this morning with a burning desire to ride my Tbird to Biff’s for breakfast. I got dressed and did the obligatory weather check. 60% chance of rain and radar blobs building in the Gulf, the direction I needed to go. F’it, I wanna ride. The sun was still shining as I warmed up the Tbird at home. Rolling towards Biffs the clouds built up, looking ominous. The closer I got to my goal, the darker it got, to the point there was no sun to be seen. I made it to Biff’s dry. Service is always great there but today it was superb. My waitress tended to my needs and those of others before we even knew we had those needs. I tipped her the kind of tip that is all too often followed up by, “Hey baby, uwanna go for a ride?”. Instead I just smiled, snapping the pic you see on my way out. Upon leaving Biff’s, I did encounter a few drops of rain but instead of dampening my clothes and spirits, they were refreshing. The rest of the way home, with the dark clouds now behind me, I counted my blessings. I hope and pray I can face future dark clouds in the same way. Amen!

Tampa Mike’s real name is Mike Roberts.   He gave us permission to reprint this article from Facebook! His videos can be seen on the Lauren Mitchell Bands’s Website.

— at Biff Burger and Buffy’s BBQ


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