Star Wars the Night Before Christmas

Star Wars the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night before Christmas, when all over Sarasota,
not a Star Wars fan was found, not even a Yoda;
Movie lines were long, fans couldn’t wait ‘til later
so they all came to see what was new with Darth Vader.

Most had on costumes of their favorite character,
lil’ wookies were everywhere, and Chewbacca with his moppy fur.
When down from the sky flew the Millennium Falcon,
with Princess Lea at the helm sporting her famous hair buns.

Come close, Star Wars fans, I need to fill you in,
the Sith are arriving and soon the antics will begin.
We’re not budging from this line, said the group in unison,
we’ll celebrate Christmas with Force Awakens, we will not miss this one.

So bring your Jedi mind tricks, we are warriors, too,
we’re diehard Star Wars fans, who demand the move ensue.
So to fight the dark side, Princess Lea did go
summoning help from her friends, Luke and Han Solo.

The fans won’t help us, the movie they must see,
so don your light sabers, and protect Sarasota with me.
And out of the dark, Yoda instructed General Grievous,
listen you must, take your evil and leave us.

Grievous gave a shrug, said we’re not leaving just yet,
I’ve brought some friends, go get them Boba Fett.
And in rushed Boba with a jet pack juggernaut,
right into the gut of his good friend Jabba the Hut.

Sarasota will turn dark if we have it our way
You, Jedi, can’t help them, now hear what I say.
The citizens are at the movies, Disney has led them like sheep.
They sleep and breathe Star Wars, even in their sleep.

We’re not backing down, we’ll protect our true fans,
so throw down your weapons and put up your hands.
It was a battle that day, as the rebels handed down defeat.
And the fans were none the wiser, tucked snuggly in a theater seat.

On Yoda, Princess Leia, R2D2, and Luke,
we have goodness to share and darkness to rebuke.
So take care Sarasota, we’ll see you again one day,
perhaps at the beach, or in a galaxy far, far away.

“Star Wars EP1 3D” courtesy of Eva Rinaldi on Flickr.  Commercial use allowed

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Jodi Schwarzenbach, Star Wars the Night Before Christmas

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