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Sophia Loren Receives Big SRQ Welcome and Award

Last night, glamourous international film star, Sophia Loren received the SFF Legend Award from the Sarasota Film Festival and the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center.  The host was Bill Harris from Entertainment Tonight.

Vicky Sullivan of Rock the Lens Photography was there and had the honor of taking some great photos.  Vicky said that “Sophia told stories of starting her career, they showed clips of some films including Two Women for which she won an Oscar.   Sophia  has won many outstanding awards over the years.  (visit:  She remained friends with Cary Grant and her fav co-star was Marcello Mastroianni with whom she made 11 movies.   They had a respectful relationship working together.   She was humorous, telling some great stories. She was presented with the award at the very end of the show”.

Bill Harris and Sophia Loren

From the sff website:  In the eighteen-year history of the Sarasota Film Festival, we have been fortunate to welcome some of the greatest actors and directors in film history to our beautiful city. Of all the luminaries we have honored, no one may be more deserving of the title “Legend” than Sophia Loren. An Academy Award winning actress, she has been the muse for cinematic greats from De Sica to Fellini, and is one of the silver screen’s great beauties in all its history.

She is a tireless advocate for those less fortunate, including a longtime appointment as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Her visit marks an important day in the cultural history of Sarasota, and the Sarasota Film Festival is proud to co-sponsor her appearance and to present her with our SFF Legend Award.

For more information about Sophia Loren and the Sarasota Film Festival visit the website,

Van Wezel Performing Arts Center


Sarasota Film Festival

All photos property of Vicky Sullivan, Rock The Lens Photography and The Sarasota Post

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Mark Famiglio, Sophia Loren, Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

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