Father's Day

Some Great Ideas for Father’s Day Here on the Suncoast

If you aren’t keeping track, Father’s Day is next weekend, June 19, 2022. The good news is that you still have time to make reservations, find some great gifts, or plan a day that your father will love. We understand that for some, this day can be difficult whether, through various circumstances, not everyone has a father to celebrate with – but many have father figures. A great coach, the uncle, adopted by a choice friend or other male in your life who just deserves a day to give them a big pat on the back for their influence in your world. Here are a few ideas that might help prepare for your Father’s Day here on the Suncoast.

At-Home Wine Tasting – Does Dad consider himself a wino? Pour glasses of wine with the bottles you have in your home and have dad come up with stories about how the grapes made it into his mouth.

Celebrate Your Superhero – Join us at Mattison’s City Grille or Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19. Dine with us for a chance to win Mattison’s giveaways.

Catch Dinner – If your dad loves fishing, there are many options around the Suncoast. Leave the fishing poles at home and partner up with the skilled captains who offer all-inclusive charters to the Gulf of Mexico and intercoastal waterway. If a freshwater fishing excursion is what Dad is after, check out Jiggs Landing. This old-Florida fish camp sits on the shore of the Braden River Reservoir. The outpost offers a boat, kayak, tackle rentals, provisions, live music, and more. Jiggs Landing also has four dockside cabins available for rent, making this a true overnight getaway for the fishing fanatic!

Crafting to Dad’s Heart – While it’s always nice buying Dad a Father’s Day gift from his favorite store, there are other ways to make his day special. You can dive into fun Father’s Day activities or try making creative DIY Father’s day gifts with the kids. And while crafting is an engaging way to bring the family together for quality time, finding the perfect craft to match the day can be a hard decision to make. 

Libby’s Neighborhood Brasserie – Let Dad get creative with Libby’s Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. Fun and delicious toppings include pork belly, Caprese skewers, gherkins for the bloodies, fresh berries, juices, and house-made syrups for the mimosas. How could brunch get any better, you ask? Dads drink for free.

Father's Day

Outdoor Family Movie Night – If one of Dad’s favorite pastimes is repeatedly binging the Star Wars saga, how about setting up a family movie night from your backyard? Hang a white bed sheet and project a movie onto the screen via a projector.

Unique Gifts – Father’s Day isn’t called “Father’s and Their Father’s and Their Father’s Day,” mainly because it doesn’t fit well on a greeting card. But all Dads are worth celebrating, no matter their age…or how often they remind you of it. For a fun and unique gift, check out our awesome collection of curated Father’s Day gifts for dads of every generation. Make sure to add “#1 Dad” Duct Tape Wrapping during checkout to make his gift extra special!

So, did inspiration strike reading through those options? Are you going to make something amazing, bake, go for reservations at a Suncoast spot, or something else this Father’s Day? No matter what you decide, we hope you have an amazing day next Sunday and celebrate some of the amazing men that made our life what it is today.

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