Susie Bruce and Barbara Robinson

So, If You Think You’re Having A Tough Day- These Ladies Are Battling Ovarian Cancer

Several weeks ago, Meilin MeMe and I were talking about a fundraiser that she was planning for 2 very dear friends of hers, Barbara Robinson and Susie Bruce.  Well, I said “Oh My God I have known Susie for a very long time.”  She told me about her plans and the Mermaid Kisses and Fairy Wishes Foundation.  I met with Barbara at her home yesterday along with Meilin and Sharon Byrd who is on the foundation committee.  For several hours I listened, I cried and I laughed.  Barbara is one of the special people that you only meet once in a lifetime.  The fundraiser will be held at the White Buffalo Saloon on Sunday, September 13.  There are many more details to share, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling to spread the news about these 2 fabulous ladies and their battle.  Please save the date and watch MeMe’s Facebook page and The Sarasota Post for more details.  Thank you Barbara Robinson for sharing your story yesterday and I look forward to sitting down with Susie Bruce very soon.

From Meilin MeMe:  Susie Bruce and Barbara Ann Robinson are two very dear friends of mine that are both battling ovarian cancer. This is Susie’s 2nd battle and Barbara 3rd battle.  These incredible women are the kindest, most giving, positive and strong women I have ever meet.  My goal is to take away some of the stress and fear that goes along with battling a terminal disease. Barbara (Barbie as we call her) is a single mom with a teenage son, who is her main priority.  She desperately wants to know that her son  will be taken care of when she is gone. You see, Barbie is in the late stages and is no longer doing chemo treatments.  Susie is in desperate need to cover medical expenses and other costs..

Susie Bruce

Meilin MeMe, Barbara Robinson, Sande Caplin

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