Smiles, Tears and Fears- Be Safe Florida

Smiles, Tears and Fears- Be Safe Florida

We packed up our office on Thursday night, moved all our computers and photo equipment and figured before we headed home to be with our families there was one more thing to do! We headed to our 2nd office, Primo Ristorante!

We all had a “Hurricane Irma Martini”, thank you Maurizio Colucci. We joked, we laughed, there was a tear or 2 and after a wonderful dinner we hugged, said our “good-byes” and headed home.

Kat and Bob at Primo RistoranteI love my team, James Newton, Shelby Hartshorn, Laura Bell Adams, Molly Slicker, Vicky Sullivan, Patti Pearson, Rose Lipke and Jodi Schwarzenbach. Be safe and love, love, love. Laura and I will he staying with Kat and Bob. We were going to stay home but decided that these two special pals are who we want to hang with.

Love to all our friends and your families. We love you all and after this is over, we will head back to Primo to tell our stories.


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Bob Slicker, James Danny Newton, Jodi Schwarzenbach, Kat Humphrey, Laura Bell Adams, Molly Slicker, Patti Pearson, Primo Ristorante, Rose Lipke, Shelby Hartshorn, Vicky Sullivan

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