Sharing Less This Holiday Season (The Twelve Days of my Facebook Feed!)

Sharing Less This Holiday Season (The Twelve Days of my Facebook Feed!)

Trying to digest the barrage of information that comes out of Facebook feels like having to alphabetically sort every word from Webster’s Dictionary after they have been individually cut and scattered everywhere by a gigantic fan. I don’t know what to do with it all. By definition, “information” means “facts provided about someone or something.” Perhaps, “information” isn’t quite the word to describe what we get out of logging on and checking in. It’s usually with tongue-in-cheek that we validate our points by saying “I saw it on Facebook.”

But, Facebook is a primary means of communication for many, sometimes overriding the need for real-time interaction. Have you had the experience of being “friends” with someone on Facebook with lots of comments on your posts, and then in person…nothing? I have, and I’ve also been an offender. Sometimes you feel like you’ve heard everything a person has to say, thanks to their Facebook posts.

I wonder what people did with their opinions before Facebook came along. If you were particularly enraged about a topic or wrongdoing I guess you probably wrote a letter to a newspaper editor, hoping they thought it was a controversial enough topic to publish. You could always pick up the phone and call your mom or best friend, you know, when phones were used for that sort of thing. A venting session usually satisfied the need to cause bodily harm to others and purged yourself of anger which was good for everybody. You could just keep your thoughts to yourself, but ulcers and stress headaches, along with a culture that celebrates oversharing has made that obsolete. Modern Facebook has become the dumping ground for excessive opinions and it feels like the wide world of social media is filling up and feeling small.

I wonder what people did with their opinions before Facebook came along.When I first joined Facebook, I sometimes longed for a “who cares” button. With cat memes and people letting us know they were “checking in” for a heated grocery shopping session, I was shaking my head (before it was smh) at the absurdity. But, now, I really miss all the innocent, albeit mundane postings of years gone by. The heated political arguments haven’t really dissipated over time; instead the intensity has ratcheted up. I propose that this year we should share less. Let’s hold back a little bit and wonder what is on each other’s minds. We could possibly begin 2018 on a sweeter, gentler note. To that end, here are some new words to an old holiday classic to get us in the mood for a season of less sharing.

The Twelve Days of my Facebook Feed

On the first day of Christmas, my Facebook gave to me, a feed that was rant-free

On the second day of Christmas, my Facebook gave to me, pictures of your cats and a feed that was rant-free.

On the third day of Christmas…. Okay, you get the drift, let’s skip to the end.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my Facebook gave to me twelve friends at Disney, eleven ads for Shutterfly, ten posts with babies, nine new likes, eight “going” (not goings), seven cures for acne, six new friends, five golden engagement rings, four Publix check-ins, three Holderness skits, two pics of your cat, and a feed that was rant-free.

Seasons Greetings, may we all shelve our opinions during this festive time. I hear there’s a creepy elf who will keep an eye on them for us. Instead, I propose that we flood Facebook with merriment, joy, and cheer. And don’t forget the cat memes. ♥☺♥

Photos courtesy of Angry Cat Memes on Facebook


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