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Winter Suncoast

Shaking off the Winter Blah Ideas Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

The good news is that spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to shake off the winter blahs. Let’s greet the new season with a fresh outlook and make this year the best one in a while. There have been more activities happening since the pandemic started, amazing ideas to get moving, and ways to refresh your environment to give yourself a new lease on life this spring.

Declutter/Spring Cleaning

This one might take a couple of weeks to get through, but try going through each room in your home and getting rid of things you don’t use or like anymore. Donate things in good condition and toss the rest. Once everything is decluttered, go through and organize what you have left. Group things and store them in boxes for later use or arrange them in ways that make sense so you can admire them or use them later!

New Hair – New Season

Out with the drab, and in with the new. It’s springtime, which means you need to change up your hair. Opt for a simple trim to remove those dead ends Old Man Winter brought, or go all out with a new color and style. Getting a different will help make you feel better and get inspired this season, making you excited about what spring will bring.

Winter Exercise

Get Moving in a New Way

Embrace that sense of rejuvenation that spring brings and get inspired to try something new! It’s up to you what you do – remember to keep it active and involve others. Perhaps you and a friend try out a new outdoor yoga class, or you and your husband try backpacking one weekend. You may also consider joining a local pick-up league or using sites like to find groups that get together for fun outings like rock climbing or trail running.

New Games

Play some old-fashioned backyard games: Anything from Red Rover to catch, croquet to statues, ladder ball, or dodgeball. List them separately in your jar, or make entries like “family game tournament—kids pick first game” or “play three kinds of tag.” Gather some friends or neighbors for a kickball game, or try nighttime flashlight games. Or pick from this huge list of quick brain-break games.

Lighten up the Home

If you want to bring spring decor into your home year-round, we know that room color ideas are key. This might be in wallpaper, perhaps you’ll look to inspiring paint ideas, or even colorful furniture. Simple swaps like throw cushions can change the look of a room, but think about smaller furniture pieces, too, and even a bunch of seasonal blooms.

Are you ready? What are you going to do first this spring? What are your resolutions to give yourself a new lease on life, get the inspiration flowing, and reengage relationships? Let’s go Suncoast – shake off those winter blues, and let’s see what amazing new adventures await for us this year!

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos/Unsplash

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