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Sarasota Says “I Do”

Sarasota Says “I Do”

| Laura Bell Adams |

Did you know that September is one of the top three months in which people get married? Optimal weather (up north) ensures the bride’s dream day does not get rained on. A hint of fall’s colors and a crispness to the air create the perfect atmosphere for love to swirl. And, since December is the most popular month to get engaged, it gives a full nine months for planning. For Floridians, the weather is a bit more of a gamble and perhaps a tad humid. According to The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Survey, the average price of a wedding in 2017 was $33,391 not including the honeymoon. Of course, there are plenty of outliers in either direction, but the bottom line is most couples, and their parents, pay a pretty penny for a nice affair. According to the same survey, the average number of bridesmaids and groomsmen is five, with the average number of guests being 136.

If you want to get hitched on-the-cheap, New Mexico should be your destination, with approximately $17,584 spent on nuptials. Manhattan tops the other end of that with $76,944 being the magic number for a swanky affair.

I would not even know where to begin if I was planning a large wedding. Aside from hiring a wedding planner, I guess online resources like The Knot would be a good place to start. I recently had the pleasure of attending a wedding, and from a guest’s standpoint, I loved being able to login and see what the bride and groom registered for, details of the wedding, and even a glimpse into who the bridesmaids and groomsmen would be. Hotel arrangements and even transportation to the festivities was all laid out ahead of time, so planning was made easy for us. As for the event itself, I thought the wedding was so chic and intimate, just as I described it to my niece. I am thinking about it weeks later. With a backdrop of a stunning golf course and a pretty Michigan day setting the stage, the reception was perfect. I love how weddings are now so personalized, even down to DJ playlists selected by the couple. And my niece and her groom, they were magical and beautiful.

Weddings of Sarasota has it's 18th Annual Wedding Show September 16, 2018Here along the Suncoast, we have several spectacular venues for that special day. The Pavilion at Mixon Farms has become a popular wedding destination, along with Selby Gardens, the Ritz-Carlton, and even the Historic Venice Train Depot. There are so many amazing boutique hotels and natural enclaves to say “I do” along with art galleries, museums, and of course, the beach, that I’m not sure how couples narrow it down.

Creating a “Bride’s Binder” is a right of passage for incoming newbies to the wedding game. Neatly filled pages with photos of gowns and room specs with table seating make sure no detail is forgotten. But where do you begin? Weddings of Sarasota is presenting the 18th Annual Wedding Show on September 16 and it is a great place to start. With vendors representing all the facets of your big day in one room, you are sure to have all your bases covered. Entry is free for the bride and groom if registered by midnight September 13, or they can pay $5 at the door with their guests. The event will run from noon-4pm on Sunday at The Carlisle Inn, 3727 Bahia Vista in Sarasota, with a fashion show and prizes throughout. For more information, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here . To all those celebrating a wedding in September, congratulations! We hope you relish in your special day that you will look back on for a lifetime.

Photos courtesy of Weddings of Sarasota Facebook page.


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