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Ladies, An Very Important Story Regarding Your Health & Well Being

My friend and business colleague, Rose Lipke shared some especially important information yesterday.  Rose is the owner of CozArt Designs and also is a Shop Foreman for Feld Entertainment based in Bradenton, FL.  I asked Rose if it were okay if I could share her story on The Suncoast Post (she also writes for The Suncoast Post) and she said “Yes, absolutely. I know so many women tend to take care of everyone else before themselves, but it is so important to have your annual GYN visit. I am far from alone in that I hadn’t gone in a decade to get checked. Most of the women I know don’t get checked on an annual basis either. I got lucky. Early detection and treatment of cervical cancer make all the difference. I wish they had found Nancy’s sooner; she might still be with us.” 

I personally want to wish Rose the best and pray for her speedy recovery and also, I love her very much.

Here is Rose’s Facebook post

I’ve been getting a lot of calls, texts, and messages from the meal train thing about my upcoming surgery, so I just thought I’d throw it out there what’s going on.

In early December I went in for my routine GYN appointment and things went sideways kinda fast. Within 2 weeks I had two separate biopsies, the second one I had to wait over the holidays to get my results…no fun there…and let’s just say thankfully we caught this really early in the late-precancerous stages.

I am going in for a total hysterectomy and fingers crossed that will be the end of this. All I can say ladies is if you do one thing every year, go get your hoo-ha checked. Early detection is the key. During this whole process I could not get my friend Nancy Franklin out of my mind, I looked at my TR⚡️BE tattoo we got in her honor knowing I hadn’t had an annual exam in almost 10 years, and I was being checked for the same cervical cancer that took her from us only 2 years ago.

Thankfully, she had my back on this one and when I started having weird things happen, I heard her voice saying “if you think something is wrong go get checked” thank you Nancy, I did.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and loving through this. Send good vibes to Rob McGrath since his job is to keep me from doing stupid shit while recovering over the next few weeks.  I’m not really good at staying still for long or taking instruction.

Photo from Rose Lipke (L-R Nancy Franklin, Nora Davis, Rose, Katrina Cox)…“The Tribe”

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