Refueling On Earth Day

Refueling On Earth Day

My inner voice was telling me I needed to refuel today. Nature drew me her way so off I pedaled into the woods. I didn’t see any creatures at first so I decided to simply stop, look and listen along the spirogyra covered river. Various birds and frogs provided a soundtrack like no other, no offense Spyro Gyra.

I noticed a large owl on a tree branch overhanging the river as I looked. “Who goes there?”, it appeared to ask me with a look of calm curiosity. “Just another passenger on spaceship Earth”, I thought back in response. We shared time and space until it decided to fly away. Its wingspan was quite impressive, underscoring the power of calm curiosity. After feasting upon nature’s reality sandwich, I left the woods quite full.

I’m grateful I was able to hear my inner voice above the din of life’s routines. Only until I got home did I realize today is Earth Day. Imagine that, drawn to nature on Earth Day, what a hoot!

Mike Roberts took these photos at Flatwoods Park, in Thonotosassa, Fl.

Earth Day 2015
Mike Roberts

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