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Police Lives Matter

| Sande Caplin |

I couldn’t help but get all choked up while watching this video from Officer Ramos’ funeral today.  So many emotions ran through my head while seeing this.   Although I am amazed and proud of the turn out today, I am genuinely sad for the police officer’s families and for all NYPD cops.

Unless you are directly related to or married to a cop, you could NEVER understand the courage, loyalty, strength and commitment it takes to be part of New York’s Finest. These men and woman risk their lives EVERY DAY to protect and serve the exact communities that are protesting against them… How can this be??

I know firsthand how much time and energy is put into “the job”… And I also know how difficult it is to be strong and supportive from the sidelines (on my end it’s dealing with the many late nights getting home, canceled plans, constantly worrying and praying that everything will be okay at the end of the day, etc.).
It is not always easy but I couldn’t be more proud than I am today… This video says something that I could never put into words – the brotherhood and sense of FAMILY that is found within the NYPD. No protester or coward murderer can EVER take that away.

I pray for some positive changes…

Danielle is married to a New York City Police Officer.  She has a very special place in my heart.  For several years she has been a loving “second mom” to 3 of my grand boys and I must say that Aidan, Shea and Luke lover her dearly!  ……Sande Caplin

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