Pease Help Tornado Victim’s Family

As many of you know there was a terrible tragedy in our area over the weekend.  The tornado that touched down took the lives of 2 very nice people.  A fundraiser has started through GoFundMe.  I am asking all of my family, friends and business associates to please donate.  

Read this…..

My name is Brendan Betancourt, I have known Justin Hessinger for several years from a previous Fire/EMS agency in Manatee County, and have watched him/communicated with him during every step of him becoming a brand new FireMedic with our current agency in Charlotte County. Justin’s fiance Leah Patten is known to me during her time as a nurse at Blake Trauma Center.
During last nights severe weather, and tornado our fellow brother and family had a life changing event occur. Justin’s fiance’s parents were killed while sheltering in place in Duette Florida, and Faith Patten (7) daughter of Justin and Leah is currently at All Childrens Hospital for injuries sustained from the incident.

We are hoping to raise money to help alleviate some of the medical expenses, burial costs, and incidental expenses that have come up during this trying time to this great family.

I thank you for all of your time and consideration.


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