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Planning or Re-Planning a Wedding in Quarantine

The Pavilion at Mixon Farms has some great advice for planning or re-planning a wedding in quarantine. Brandy Harlan wrote a story for The Suncoast Post about this venue back in 2017.

Planning one of the biggest days of your life is something we all dream about. Many dream of the Prince Charming & Cinderella fairy-tale with the perfect dress and some even down to the smallest details. To imagine that day any other way, well, it’s unimaginable.

Unfortunately, planning a wedding during in quarantine is the reality many are facing. So, how do you plan, or RE-plan a day you’ve been working so hard to make perfect for months? First, you are NOT alone. We are here for you and we have some insight below to help put your mind at ease. Grab a glass of wine and kick back to take solace in the following advice.

Here’s how to plan your wedding in quarantine

Our first bit of advice is, CRY IT OUT. Let it all out, cry, be mad and cry some more if you need to. Yes, we said it. You have every right to feel the strong emotions that come with having to reschedule planning your special day. Have a pity party. But don’t stay there too long! There is a silver lining and things still to do to plan the most EPIC party!!

If you’ve had to reschedule, or nearing that decision, try to think of things in a positive light. You get more time to make everything even that much more perfect. You can comb through and do all the little details that may have been getting away from you. Maybe you should order those menu cards that you were trying to design and didn’t. You could even add in some extra fun like a photo booth because there is more time to save money for it. Take time to check out Pinterest to see what you had pinned and forgot about. This is the time you never knew you needed, use it.

Choosing a new date for the wedding?

If you are choosing a new date, it can open fun creative dates that you hadn’t thought about before. Some that are becoming popular are, 8-8-2020, 9-19-2020, 11-20-20 & 12-12-2020. It’s all a play on numbers. So, what happens if you’ve already ordered things with your original date? Ask if there are any returns on the items given the circumstances. You may be surprised, we’ve seen some really creative and funny posts about date changes. Again, Pinterest is YOUR BEST FRIEND right now!

Maybe you rescheduled from a Spring/Summer wedding to a Fall/Winter date. That makes for possibly better rates in some areas when you are adding in services. In Florida September tends to be a less busy month for weddings and your wedding professionals may offer specials. Ask if they have SPECIALS during a certain time of the year that you can take advantage of.

Just starting to plan your wedding?

If you are just starting your planning, DON’T STOP! We ultimately want everyone to be safe and healthy. You can have a virtual tour via Zoom or FaceTime offered to anyone searching for their perfect wedding venue. We have been super flexible with the times and days we offer them too, to make it easier. You’ll find many companies are getting creative with how they reach out to you maintaining the CDC guidelines and precautions.

Davina and Daniel at The Pavilion
Davina and Daniel at The Pavilion

One of our preferred DJ’s, Tim Schalch of TLS Entertainment, does house parties on Facebook Live from his garage. Tune in, check out what he can do at your wedding & have a home dance party while you’re at it! If you haven’t chosen your wedding venue yet, move fast. All the weddings that needed to reschedule are looking at the perfect Fall & Winter dates. So choosing one may need to be more of a priority than you first thought.

If you have your eye on a certain Caterer,ask if they can do a to-go tasting , with no contact. Same thing for choosing a cake. Call to make an order of cupcakes in the flavors you are thinking of for your wedding day. Our friends at Sarasota Cakes can accommodate that. Also, Lindsay at Petals and Sugar, is doing drop off and deliveries so you can still plan your dessert bars. Now that you’re planning, start to plan a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party or even a second one. A Quaran-rette of sorts! Plan a pub crawl, for a few months after we’ve been given the all clear. That way you can reconnect with everyone in your bridal party and release the months of tension you’ve been going through.

Last, but not least

Planning a wedding in quarantine can be done. Lastly, and one of the most important things, is having your planner walk through all of this with you. We have over 30 combined years of experience in the wedding industry. Our services will help make your day go off without a hitch and, if there is one, you won’t know! Ultimately, our office is here to help you navigate all this. We will listen, offer suggestions, vendors, ideas and logistical assistance. We want you ALL to have a perfect day, even if it’s not exactly on the day you had originally planned.

Go forward in your planning. Keep your eye on the end result. You GET to marry your best friend and the wait will be worth it, and the celebration will be, too!

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